The Inspector says I did a big mistake. Pragya says they all are are lying. Aaliya smiles as the Inspector and Constable drag Pragya out.

Prachi gets a call and gets shocked. Prachi says they got Mother arrested and says why are they doing this? Shahana asks her not to cry. Prachi says they think my mother as inauspicious and don’t talk to her well and doing this. Shahana says we have to think how to bail her out. Prachi says we don’t know any lawyer, what we can do. Shahana says who can help us. Prachi says only Ranbir can help us. She calls him and asks for his help. She says Police has arrested my mother.

The lady Constable asks the Inspector what shall they do, as the ghunghat clad woman is not removing her veil. Inspector goes to the lock up. Pragya tries to talk to Inspector. Inspector refuses to believe her and asks the veiled woman to remove her veil, so that they can take her picture. The veiled woman refuses to lift her veil. Inspector asks her to click selfie and give her. Pragya asks the Inspector to listen to her. The Inspector refuses.

Prachi, Shahana and Ranbir come there. Ranbir asks the Inspector to see the bail papers. Pragya asks how did you get the money for the bail and lawyer. Prachi says she has mortgage her birthday ring which she had given her. Constable takes her out.

The Inspector warns Pragya and says if she is seen near Mehra Mansion then will be arrested again and this time, she will not get bailed. Pragya signs on the papers and goes.

Aaliya comes to Rhea’s room and finds the tin can. She says I know Abhi is not with you and that’s why you took support of this. She says if Abhi had been here, then he would have handled you. She says Pragya is troubling her, if she had gone to Abhi’s room then all the secret would have been out.

Prachi, Ranbir and Shahana bring Pragya home. Sarita behen asks Pragya how is she? Pragya says I am in the room. Sarita behen thanks Ranbir and asks him to sit for tea. Ranbir refuses and says he didn’t tell at home, his mummy will scold him. He says bye. Prachi says bye. They look at each other.

Prachi coming to Ranbir as he is about to leave. Song plays… SubhanAllah plays… Ranbir asks if she wants to say something? Prachi says thank you. Ranbir says thank you, Sarita Dadi said this. He says I thought you want to say something which is said during special moments, but nothing. He says okay and asks her to take care of herself. Prachi asks him to take care. Ranbir closes the door. Prachi goes to the door and thinks I have done wrong with him, but he is even now good like before. She regrets to do bad with him. Shahana looks at her.

Pragya recalls the humiliation which she had faced due to Aaliya while trying to meet Abhi. She thinks nobody can stop me from meeting him. Sarita behen comes there and says I came to know everything and tells that she had called Baljeet Dadi, but she didn’t pick her call. She says baljeet Dadi was preparing for your grah pravesh. Pragya says there is something wrong happening there.

Sarita behen says you was bailed out this time, but..Pragya says nothing is easy, I have to go there and tells that she is Mr. Mehra’s wife now. Sarita behen says Mr. Mehra is not picking the calls. Pragya says even Purab is not picking the call. Sarita behen says if Aaliya sees you again then will call Police again. She hopes they both meet soon. Pragya recalls Aaliya asking Tai ji to bring her Servant from the village.

Aaliya calls Purab, but he doesn’t pick her call. She calls Manager. Manager gives call to Purab. Purab attends the call and says he is in hotel room and had food. Aaliya asks why are you worried, this is police work. Purab says I will find out who wants to kill Abhi and Pragya di. Aaliya asks how you will do sitting in London. Purab says I have talked to the detective agency and they will handle. He drops the phone and sits on the bed.

Mitali comes there and tells that Rhea is sleeping since morning. Aaliya says Purab is in London and doing the investigation. Mitali says he loves Abhi so much and asks her to think about Rhea. Aaliya says just as she accepts the reality, she will become fine. Mitali asks how? She says you didn’t see Abhi, he looks so dangerous. Aaliya asks her to mind her language.

Prachi and Shahana come to the hall. Pragya asks them to brush their teeth and freshen up. Sarita behen gets happy seeing her fine and hugs her. Pragya says nobody can keep her away from her happiness and shows the newspaper. Prachi thinks Pragya wants to do the job. Pragya says she is thinking to do some job and will be fine if busy. Prachi goes. They go. Sarita behen says I understood what you want to do. Pragya asks her not to tell the girls. Sarita behen blesses her. Prachi brings kajal and applies black tika to her.

Prachi asks Pragya did you talk to Papa. They sit for the breakfast. She says of course you might have talked and that’s why happy. Shahana asks her to beware of Rhea’s Aunt, Mitali and Tai ji. Pragya says do breakfast first. Sarita behen asks her to sit.

Mitali asks the Servant Vandana to listen and says Aaliya will not give you salary. Vandana tells that she don’t want to stay here for salary and tells that Aaliya is like a bad cat. Mitali says I will inform Aaliya.

Vandana goes from there and collides with Pragya, who enters there with veil on her head. Vandana tells that she was hired two days back and left the job, this house is like a mental asylum. Vandana tells that Aaliya thinks herself as the ruler and Mitali gives advice though she don’t have mind of her own. She says who are you, I find your voice familiar? Pragya coughs and thinks Aaliya will identify my voice.

Mitali goes to Aaliya and collides with her. Aaliya scolds Mitali and asks her to send Vandana to clean the floor. Mitali says Vandana left the job due to you. Aaliya says that Servant. Mitali says she is like a Queen and tells that she showed me attitude. Aaliya asks her not to give her salary. Mitali says Vandana said that she don’t want and told many bad things for you. She tells everything. Aaliya asks how did you hear all this.

The Door bell rings. Aaliya thinks Vandana has returned and goes to open the door. Pragya thinks if Aaliya identifies me, I have to take the risk. Tanu opens the door. Pragya gets shocked seeing her, thinks she was not here till yesterday. Tanu says if you don’t want to talk, then I will close the door.

Aaliya and Mitali comes there. Pragya recalls Tanu’s cheat, gets angry and looks at her.

At the college, Prachi tells Ranbir that she wants to thank her. Ranbir says you said this. Prachi says I was rude to you, but you behaved so nicely and helped me. His friend calls him. Prachi asks him to go. Ranbir asks her to say. Prachi says thank you and leaves. Ranbir says you called me with the right.

Tanu and Aaliya ask Pragya to talk. Pragya tells that she has seen the Advertisement and came. Mitali says she must have seen old Advertisement. She says your job is fix. Aaliya says let me talk to her and asks about her work experience. Pragya says wherever I work, people praise me and says you can make me do muck work in day time, but I will go home in night. Tanu asks her to remove her veil/ghunghat. Pragya says I will not move my veil and praises her work. Aaliya says it is enough of self appraisal, listen to my condition now!

Aaliya reluctantly hires Pragya, who introduces herself as Gayatri. She tries to listen to Tanu and Aaliya’s conversation, but Aaliya rebukes her. Mitali asks Gayatri to begin with her cleaning.

As soon as Pragya finds the opportunity, she enters Abhi’s room and softly calls out to him. Abhi, who is hiding in the cupboard, sees the mop in Pragya’s hand and considers her a threat. He pounces on her and begins to strangle her.

Abhi and Pragya topple over and the noise alerts Aaliya, Tanu and Mitali. They rush to Abhi’s room while Abhi bites Pragya’s hand. Aaliya begins to thrash Abhi, and the sight leaves Pragya shattered.

The scene continues to haunt Pragya after she runs out of the room, but Baljeet approaches her and makes an earnest request to not quit the job.

At the college, Prachi congratulates Palak in front of her friends. Embarrassed, Palak takes her aside and tries to make her leave. When Prachi continues to insist that she forgive her, an exasperated Palak blurts out the truth, leaving Prachi furious.

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