Vikram comes there and asks what about bracelet? Ranbir thinks he shouldn’t tell dad, else he will tell mom and she will tell Aaliya. He says he has ordered bracelet online like chief has. He apologizes to him for his behavior with Pallavi. Vikram asks him to calm his anger etc. Ranbir thinks Prachi would have been your daughter-in-law, if I had thought.

Shahana asks Prachi to tell Aunt, whatever happened? Shahana says if it is not the family matter, which you had done along with Ranbir. Pragya asks what? Shahana tells Pragya that she had betrayed Prachi. Just then Pragya’s call comes and she goes to attend it. Prachi asks Shahana not to tell that, else she will ask me to talk to Rhea.

Pragya comes back. Shahana tells that she had stolen her earrings, but returned. Pragya says you shall forgive her. Prachi forgives her. Shahana says I love you Aunt and kisses on her cheeks. Prachi asks Pragya how is Papa? Pragya says he is fine and is sad.

Abhi is in his room and talks to his fuggi toy. He says he will make her painting too and asks her not to sit. Dadi comes there. Abhi runs to bathroom and asks her to go. She says I am your Dadi and asks him to come out. Abhi looks at her.

Abhi relaxes on learning that Baljeet has come to meet him. Baljeet and Abhi share some sweet moments together. Eager to meet Gayatri, Abhi keeps asking Baljeet when she’ll return home. To get Abhi to sleep, she asks him to close his eyes and think about Gayatri, but he gets flashes from his past. Disturbed, he hides in his cupboard.

The next morning, a furious Ranbeer begins to beat up Parth in college for circulating an MMS of Prachi. Palak looks for Prachi and brings her to the scene of the fight. It gets revealed that Rhea asked Parth to defame Prachi. Prachi stops Ranbeer and tells him that she and Parth are together, leaving him shocked. She asks him not to interfere in her personal matters. Rhea is left surprised and is happy with the way things had turned out.

Back at the Mehra house, Abhi creates a mess in the living room while waiting for Gayatri. He hides under the table when Mitali and Tanu arrive there. Alia secretly asks Mitali to get her the rod. She promises Abhi that she won’t hit him, but he gets agitated on seeing it. Before he could do any serious damage, Gayatri arrives there and calms him down.

Prachi breaks Ranbeer’s heart by convincing him that she is indeed in love with Parth. Aware that Rhea was behind the MMS, she tells her that she wouldn’t even wish it on her enemies to have a sister like her.

Alia, Tanu and Mitali are left stunned at how deftly Gayatri could handle Abhi. Tanu suggests that she could dress up as Gayatri to get close to Abhi, and Alia agrees with her. In Abhi’s room, Pragya goes through his drawings and is rendered emotional when Abhi asks her if he could call her Fuggi. Her consent delights Abhi, but Mitali suddenly enters the room and questions Gayatri for always keeping the door to his room shut.

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