Having run out of cardamom, Pragya doesn’t say anything fearing that she would recognise her voice. Mitali also complains to Aaliya about it. Aaliya asks Gayatri to step out so that she could speak to her.

Ranbeer arrives to apologise to Parth but gets surprised to see Prachi there. Prachi pretends to care for Parth and even incites him to file a complaint against Ranbeer. Ranbeer too exudes indifference but warns Prachi that he would kill Parth if he did anything like that again.

Ranbeer leaves the room, and it gets revealed that Prachi had threatened Parth to not file a complaint against Ranbeer. Moreover, she had asked him to go along with her charade. She follows Ranbeer out and stops him from hitting a nurse who had bumped into him. Recollecting some fond memories with him, Prachi breaks down.

Gayatri gets into a heated argument with Alia, Tanu and Mitali and ends up getting fired by Tanu. Regretting running her mouth off, she lingers outside the Mehra house. Meanwhile, Pallavi calls Vikram home and tells him about Ranbeer’s strange behaviour. However, Ranbeer comes downstairs with a box in his hands and tells her that he is ready to marry Rhea. After which, he sets out for Prachi’s home.

At Prachi’s doorstep, Ranbeer sets fire to his favourite pictures of them to free himself from Prachi. He tells her about his engagement with Rhea and ends everything. Sahana finds a devastated Prachi sobbing at the door and takes her inside. Having followed Ranbeer, Rhea overhears the entire conversation.

A heartbroken Prachi shares her pain with Sahana. Sahana decides to apprise Pragya of everything, but Prachi stops her recollecting how she is already disturbed with Abhi’s condition.

Mandira, a designer, comes across Gayatri outside the Mehra house. With Mandira’s arrival, Tanu decides to put her plan into action and dresses up as Gayatri. However, her plan goes awry when she tries to forcefully take Abhi’s measurements, and he lifts her veil. Seeing that it is not Gayatri under the veil, he gets agitated and tries to attack Tanu but darts to his room when Aaliya demands Mitali to hand her the rod.

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