Abhi tells Rhea that Ranbeer had put a ring on Prachi’s finger. Ranbeer gets mean to Prachi and calls her an opportunist and a gold digger. He asks her to break his engagement to prove that her tears are real. When Prachi refuses to do so, he demands the ring back and forcefully removes it from her finger, leaving a few scratches. Furthermore, to prove that Prachi still loves him, he begins to hit the pillar nearby. Afraid that he might get hurt, Prachi instinctively stops him. He then keeps Prachi’s hand on his heart and asks her whether she loves him.

Rhea arrives there and checks for the ring on Prachi, but Ranbeer takes her away from there. Later, she questions Ranbeer about the scratches and decides to find the answers on her own when he doesn’t clarify. Meanwhile, Abhi begins to pester the pandit with his questions about marriage. When Gayatri arrives there, he asks her to marry him and begins to move around the lamp to marry her.

Having witnessed everything, a furious Tanu takes Gayatri aside and accuses her of trying to marry Abhi for money. When Pragya is brought up, Rhea arrives there and utters some hateful words for her.

Sahana overhears Rhea and the rest badmouthing Pragya and follows Gayatri. However, Pragya passes by a mirror while trying to fix her veil, and Sahana gets a look at her face in the reflection, leaving her stunned. Ranbeer and Prachi again bump into each other, and he asks her why is she hiding her pain of seeing him and Rhea together. Prachi insists that she is not jealous at all and has no qualms about seeing them together.

On seeing Gayatri, Abhi comments about her similarity to his Fuggi doll. Alia overhears the name Fuggi and questions Abhi about it. However, she gets distracted and forgets about it. A disguised Killer unlocks the bathroom Aryan is in. Aryan, having overheard his plans for Abhi, knocks him unconscious as soon as the door opens.

Ranbeer and Rhea get engaged, and to make Prachi jealous, he dances with Rhea. Abhi has fun dancing, and all the family members join him as well. Later, he is left alone in the centre and continues to dance. Meanwhile, it gets revealed that Killer had knocked Aryan unconscious, and he and Ashok are cutting the rope of the chandelier.

Pragya pushes Abhi out of the way as the chandelier is about to fall on him, but her veil slips and Ranbeer sees her face.

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