Abhi remains unconscious while Prachi spots Ashok and Killer trying to flee. Vikram follows them but they manage to escape. While Vikram goes to the police station to file an FIR, the doctor examines Abhi and is worried that he might have an internal injury. Rhea breaks down in Gayatri’s arms while Ranbeer tries to hold Prachi’s hand to console her.

Ranbeer marvels at Pragya’s love for Abhi. A furious Pragya demands answers from the goddess and asks her to give all the troubles to her instead of her family. Sarita arrives there and motivates her to keep up the fight.

The next morning, Gayatri rushes into Abhi’s room to check on him while  everybody is already in there. Baljeet defends Gayatri when Tanu insists that she should be fired. The doctor arrives and is pleased with the improvement in Abhi’s mental condition.

Later, Tanu rejoices when she learns that her divorce has gone through. Alia arrives there and tells her that she needs to marry Abhi that very night before he gets better.

Ranbeer goes to pick Prachi and eventually manages to get her in the car. Meanwhile, Pragya bids goodbye to Abhi for the day, but he asks her to marry him.

Ranbir drops Prachi home. Prachi is still sitting in his Car. He says he don’t have time to take her for long drive. Prachi gets down from the car. He asks if she wants to say something. Prachi says I have forgotten. Ranbir says you didn’t say I love you to me. Prachi says I forgot to say congratulations to you, as you got engaged. Ranbir says thank you and goes from there.

Tanu recalls Abhi attacking her and gets tensed. She tells herself that Abhi will be fine in a month and Aaliya is here to help her. Aaliya comes there and tells that here comes your wedding dress. Tanu asks did judge agree? Aaliya says yes, tells that she had lied to him. She tells that she has convinced Abhi to marry her.

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