Pragya spots the Killer while she is out with Abhi. As soon as Pragya recognises the Killer, she convinces Abhi to race her to the parking lot and tries to look for the driver. When the driver is nowhere to be found, she hides Abhi in a car’s trunk and distracts Killer. However, the Killer soon overpowers her, and Abhi comes out of his hiding place on seeing Pragya getting strangled. The Killer manages to land blows on Abhi’s head, rendering him unconscious. When a crowd begins to gather, Killer flees.

Aaliya calls Gayatri home and berates her for taking Abhi out of the house. When Gayatri insists that somebody is trying to kill Abhi, Alia lifts her veil. Meanwhile, the Doctor tells his subordinate that Abhi’s chances of recovery have drastically improved due to the shock from the incident.

Pragya defends her actions and refuses to leave. Aaliya tests Pragya by telling her that she would allow her to stay in the house if she agrees to bear the expenses of Abhi’s treatment. Despite Pragya agreeing to do so, Aaliya and Tanu throw her out of the house.

Pragya arrives home and begins to question her faith in God while Sarita tries to console her.

Pragya demands the goddess that if she wants her to keep faith in her, she will have to return her husband to her. Answering Pragya’s prayers, Abhi wakes up calling out to her. Pragya senses it and tries to leave the house but Sarita deters her from doing so.

At the office, Prachi helps Ranbeer and he asks her to stay back until the rain subsides.

Aaliya, Mitali, Baljeet and Rhea gather in the living room on hearing Abhi’s voice. Mitali and Aaliya begin to fret about Tanu’s presence in the house.

Abhi recollects the events that lead to his injury. When he steps out of his room looking for Pragya, Alia tries to portray her in a bad light. However, Baljeet refuses to keep quiet and apprises Abhi of everything Pragya did for him.

Abhi reassures Baljeet that he will set everything right and leaves the house.

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