Aaliya and Pragya come to Abhi’s defence, but Tanu easily manipulates the inspector into believing that they are trying to stop her from speaking up. Moreover, the Media manages to enter the house, and Tanu puts on an act before them to further tarnish Abhi’s image.

While Abhi is taken away by the police, Tanu tells the family members that she is getting back at everyone for trying to ruin her life. Pragya vows to prove Abhi innocent, but Tanu reminds her that she already has proof of the rape.

Ranbeer drops Prachi home and refuses to stay back despite Sarita’s insistence.

When Mitali questions Aaliya about Tanu, it gets revealed that Aaliya had refused to help Tanu on the day Abhi threw them out of the house.

Later, Aaliya holds Pragya responsible for Abhi’s troubles and asks her to leave!

Tanu gets her friend’s call. Her friend asks what has happened, I had told you not to leave your husband for Abhishek Mehra and you didn’t listen?? She says he raped you, you have no idea how the new channel is showing the news. She tells that she donates to the NGO in thousands and will talk to them. She says nobody can bring Abhishek Mehra out of the lock up and he will get punished! She tells that she will talk to the NGO and asks her not to worry. She says you will get people’s sympathy.

Tanu laughs and tells Netra that nothing can happen to her, without her wish and Abhishek Mehra loves Pragya so much and can’t think of rape even in his madness. Nethra asks if you are not raped. Tanu says Police will say and asks her to come to Delhi, it will be fun. She ends the call and says I am not raped. She tells that you have left me 21 years ago, and now I will not leave you and wants to see Pragya in the same pain as me. She thinks she has such a plan and will create such drama that will force Abhi to marry her. She tells that she don’t need anyone’s support. She thinks she will take Rhea to her side, and if she don’t then she will soon marry and leave.

Aaliya asks Pragya to leave from there and tells that Tanu will not back off if I leave, but you will leave then Tanu will back off from the case. She asks Pragya not to force her to take action against her and asks her not to do bad with them. Dadi asks what wrong did she do? Aaliya says if she had not returned then Tanu wouldn’t have done this. Aaliya says I have no sympathy for you, do you want to go and tell Bhai that I misbehaved with you. Aaliya says no and asks her to leave.

Dadi asks pragya to go. Pragya leaves from there. Dadi confronts Aaliya for breaking her promise. Aaliya says I didn’t do anything wrong. you have done a favor on me by supporting me. She tells that she has done this for family’s betterment. Dadi says Abhi must feel bad when he comes to know about this. Aaliya shouts at Dadi. Dadi shouts back at Aaliya and says even she can shout. She tells that she will never accept that Abhi is arrested due to her! Mitali thinks today, she thinks Aaliya is right.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir. Sarita behen tells that she can see love and care for her in Ranbir’s eyes and that’s why came to drop her. Prachi says he is engaged now and had said that he would have come to drop the peon if he was in trouble.

Sarita behen says if you don’t love him then why you was thinking about him. She asks what you are hiding from me, when you both love each other then why is he marrying Rhea? Just then Pragya comes there and goes to her room.

Tanu thinks she loves Abhi and will go to any extent to get him. She thinks she is not the young Tanu anymore and is the new Tanu. Inspector calls Tanu and tells that they have taken Abhishek sample and asks her to come. Tanu says she will come.

Rhea comes home and hears Dadi and Mitali talking about Tanu accusing Abhi of rape. Rhea says Dad can’t do this. Dadi says it’s Tanu’s lie. Rhea goes to talk to Aaliya.

Sarita behen and Prachi ask what happened? Pragya tells them everything. Prachi says you should be in the Police Station with Papa. Pragya says I can’t go, as Inspector tells that if I go to the Police Station, then the charges will increase and I will be blamed for interfering in the investigation. She says Tanu accused him such.

Prachi says I will go and talk to Aaliya Aunt. Pragya asks her not to forget her values and says she is your Aunt, if she is doing wrong then that doesn’t mean that you shall do wrong. Prachi says what do you mean, if she shall bear silently. Pragya says Aaliya loves your Papa so much and she is troubled too.

Sarita behen tells that it is good that Aaliya has thrown Pragya out of the house. Prachi asks what are you saying this? Sarita behen says whenever she meets Abhi, what does she get, accusation, throwing out of house etc. She says what will she answer, when people ask her how did Abhi do this with Tanu? She asks her to forget Mr. Mehra.

Tanu comes to the Police Station and asks why Inspector why Abhi is not inside. The Inspector says he will be locked inside soon for many years. Tanu says I will come here for as many times as possible to get him punished!

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