Tanu comes to Abhi and recalls their moments. She confronts him for choosing Pragya over him and tells that she will not leave him.

Abhi tells that he is thankful that he chose pragya and tells that when he will go out then it will be due to Pragya. Tanu tells that Pragya will not save her. Abhi tells that Pragya’s love is so true and she will take him out. Tanu tells Inspector that Abhi is threatening to kill her. Abhi says I didn’t threaten her, she is lying.

The Inspector scolds Abhi for raping Tanu and then threatening her. He asks the Constable to lock him in the lock up. Tanu thanks inspector for supporting her.

Sarita behen asks Pragya if she is inauspicious for Abhi or vice versa. Pragya says he is my everything, my Kumkum bhagya and my life. Sarita behen says then would haven’t come here and must have given a reply to Aaliya.

Pragya tells that Aaliya and Tanu can’t throw her out of her house and tells that she will get him freed. Sarita behen says this is my Pragya, who can’t cry in helplessness. She tells that she was provoking her intentionally so that she can bring him out. She tells that Rhea needs her and asks her to go there. Prachi asks her if she will go there. Pragya says yes, she needs me, this house is of Sarita ji.

Sarita behen tells that this is Prachi’s Grandmother house and your mother’s house. Prachi says she will stay here. Pragya says she will meet Abhi and will tell him that she will stay in his house and will bring him back, as their family is incomplete without him.

An agitated Rhea confronts Aaliya for letting Abhi get arrested. Aaliya calms her down and promises to take her with her the next day to see Abhi.

Pragya arrives at the Police Station with Abhi’s food and medicines, but the Inspector doesn’t allow her to meet him. She loses her cool when the inspector calls Abhi a rapist, but he concedes to her request on seeing her genuine concern for her husband.

Pragya feeds Abhi the food and reassures him that she will prove his innocence. Later, Abhi threatens two men in the jail when they begin to comment on Pragya.

Prachi arrives at Tanu’s door and requests her to take her complaint back. However, it soon turns into a confrontation, and Prachi warns her that Pragya will bring out the truth. Tanu tries to push Prachi out of the house, but Rhea arrives there and catches her in time. Rhea calls Tanu a liar and berates her for getting Abhi arrested.

A furious Tanu grabs Rhea’s hand forcefully, but Prachi comes to Rhea’s defense. Moreover, when Tanu tries to slap Prachi, Rhea stops her. Later, the Sisters leave after giving Tanu a warning!

Rhea and Prachi warn Tanu to take her complaint back and walk away. Frazzled, Tanu decides to share her story and records a fake video message to strengthen her case. Meanwhile, Rhea drops Prachi home but refuses to acknowledge her as her sister.

Later, Rhea returns home and Aaliya chides her for going to meet Tanu. However, Rhea disregards Aaliya’s words and vows to prove Abhi’s innocence. Just then, Pragya arrives, and Aaliya stops her from coming into the house. Pragya reasons with Aaliya and urges her to unite in her fight against Tanu.

To Aaliya’s dismay, except her, everyone promises to support Pragya save Abhi and fight against Tanu.

In the Police Station, Abhi gets enraged on being subjected to various medical tests, while Tanu enjoys his plight.

Back at Abhi’s house, Rhea and Pragya share a heart-to-heart conversation and share a warm hug.

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