Pragya tries to talk about Ranbeer’s wedding, but Prachi rushes inside her room. Sahana tries to console Prachi who believes that she deserves to be punished for hurting Ranbeer.

Aaliya returns to the Mehra house and confronts Abhi for always putting Pragya before her. She tries to justify her actions, but Abhi remains adamant about her leaving the house!

Aaliya apologizes to Abhi for her bad thinking and says I am sorry Abhi. She asks if I give respect to Pragya, regard her as your wife and Rhea’s mother then will you not forgive me, and will ask me to go. She says if this is the case then a brother is changed, more than the sister. She says you had thrown me out of your life long back and now you are asking me to leave from your home. She apologizes to him and asks him to forgive her for their parents and Rhea.

Dadi comes there and asks Abhi to forgive Aaliya. She says Pragya will never ask Aaliya to go and asks Abhi to let her stay here. Abhi says he doesn’t want to forgive her, but you can stay here. He says you have to stay here with Pragya, so don’t give me a chance again that I’m forced to not listen to Pragya or Dadi!

Pragya gets a call from Bindiya, who tells that Prachi agreed to get married to the guy. Pragya asks Prachi, who tells that she wants to marry, as her other daughter is marrying. Pragya is shocked and calls Bindiya, tells that she don’t want Prachi to marry now. Sarita behen comes there. Pragya tells her everything and tells that something is wrong surely.

Sarita behen asks her to smile as Abhi will be coming in sometime. Just then, the door bell rings. Pragya smiles and opens the door. She looks at Abhi and gets emotional. Abhi also gets emotional. Allah wariyan plays…..Pragya takes him inside. Abhi asks shall I return? Pragya asks why?

Abhi asks why are you crying then? Pragya says I thought if you don’t come. Abhi says I couldn’t get you the right and respect which you deserve in my family. He says due to our separation, our daughters had suffered. He says when I don’t get sleep in the nights, I used to understand that you was crying. Pragya says then why you get to sleep. Abhi says when you stopped crying. He says we will not talk about past and tells that all the family members want you to return in my life, as Pragya. He says he has thrown Tanu out.

Pragya says you did right, my attention would have been on you, as Tanu might be staring. He says he did wrong then. He says now she will get everything on interest. Pragya says even she is bringing a daughter with her. Sarita behen makes them taste the sweets.

Abhi asks Sarita behen if she will send her daughter with him. Sarita behen says yes. Abhi says he don’t want to thank her as the word will be very small for her. Sarita behen asks him to fulfill his duty and don’t make tears come in Pragya’s eyes. Abhi promises her that he will just love her and will make her sit on his lap, more than her. He asks where is Prachi? Pragya says she has gone to office. Sarita behen does their aarti and gives her blessings. She asks them to be happy and asks them to go.

Pragya hugs Sarita behen. Sarita behen asks them to go. They go out of the house. Sarita behen looks at them with teary eyes and happiness. They leave. She turns and finds the diya set off. She thinks this is a bad omen.

Vikram talks to someone and then upsets with Ranbir for not doing the project. Ranbir says he will do. Prachi says I will leave. Vikram says my son had promised me that he will not sleep until he finishes the work, but when I went to his room, he was heavily drunk and was sleeping. Ranbir says he will do the work.

Vikram asks Prachi to ask why he has attitude and arrogance. Prachi asks Vikram not to get angry. Vikram says yes, what will be difference between us then? He asks him to do the work and call him Sir. Ranbir says yes Sir. He asks Prachi to go.

Sarita behen thinks how will I stay without Pragya and Prachi, thinks Shahana will trouble her. she thinks to watch TV and hears riots happening in the city. She thinks to call Pragya first. She calls Pragya and asks where is she? Pragya says we have just reached home and your partner opened the door.

Dadi opens the door while Mitali brings kalash. Abhi calls her on video call and asks her to see Pragya’s grah pravesh. Dadi congratulates Sarita behen. Aaliya brings the aarti plate. Mitali takes Abhi’s phone and asks her to hold Pragya’s hand. Abhi asks Aaliya to do their aarti. Pragya is surprised. Aaliya does their aarti and apply the tilak. Mitali keeps the kalash.

Dadi asks Pragya to kick the kalash and gets inside the home. Mitali asks can you see everything properly. Sarita behen says yes. Mitali brings colored water and keeps in front of Pragya. Pragya steps on it and walks inside. She walks inside. Dadi smiles, while Aaliya feigns fake smile.

after Pragya’s Griha Pravesh, Aaliya and Mitali apologise to Pragya and the latter insists that they start afresh. Abhi tells Pragya that he’ll have to go to the Office for a while and explains the reason behind it.

At the Office, Prachi gets coffee for Ranbeer but he gets irritated and ends up spilling it. When Prachi tries to clean his clothes, he mellows down but asks her to stay away from him and leaves. While Prachi is cleaning the mess, Rhea enters Ranbeer’s cabin and warns her to keep up with the terms of their deal. Ranbeer overhears them and questions them about it. Later, he finds Prachi’s anklet and keeps it with him.

Abhi returns home and informs everyone of having cancelled his plans of going to the Office. Soon after, Tanu arrives home with the police and accuses Abhi of raping her on the day before their wedding was supposed to take place.

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