Pragya visits Abhi in the morning and informs him about meeting with a lawyer regarding his case later that day. Abhi requests her to get him out of jail as soon as possible so that they can start their life afresh.

Tanu gives an exclusive interview to gain the public’s sympathy and defame Abhi’s daughters and Pragya. Having watched the interview, an enraged Ranbeer decides to watch Tanu like a hawk and shadow her every move.

Aaliya too visits Abhi, and he questions her if she misbehaved with Pragya. She is saved from answering him when Rhea arrives there, and she reassures Abhi that she will support Pragya. Mr Verma refuses to take on Abhi’s case after watching Tanu’s interview. A furious Pragya gives him an earful for giving up without even trying.

Abhi tries to reassure Rhea after Aaliya leaves them alone.

Prachi’s arrival leaves Abhi emotional, and he is pleased that such grim circumstances have brought his family together.

Rhea and Prachi both secretly like the fact that they spoke in each other’s support, but Rhea again refuses to acknowledge Prachi as her sister.

Ranbeer, who is tailing Tanu, loses track of her. Meanwhile, Pragya meets Mr Singhania, a renowned lawyer, but gets dismayed when he reveals that he is fighting Tanu’s case. Prachi switches off the TV when Sahana tries to watch Tanu’s interview. Both Sarita and Sahana explain to Prachi how crucial a role public opinion plays in high profile cases like Abhi’s. However, she suddenly heads out without telling anyone anything.

Tanu arrives at Mr Singhania’s office while Pragya is still there and gloats at Pragya’s plight of not being able to find a good lawyer. When Mr Singhania steps out of the office, Tanu locks the door, and a confrontation ensues wherein Tanu openly admits that Abhi didn’t rape her. Furthermore, she tells Pragya that her evidence is fool-proof and that she will destroy Pragya in court.

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