Tanu tells Pragya that she is punishing her for foiling her attempt to get Abhi and teaching a lesson to Abhi for insulting her love. Pragya gets disheartened when every lawyer turns her down and hopes that Aaliya would have been able to find one.

Prachi arrives at Tanu’s house but finds it empty. Meanwhile, Ranbeer spots Tanu with a man and follows them to her house. At the Mehra house, everyone gets worried when Aaliya informs them that nobody is ready to take up Abhi’s case.

Pragya overhears everything and lets the family members believe that she has found a lawyer. Later, she calls Mr Singhania again for a reference but he refuses to do even that.

Prachi hides as soon as Tanu’s car arrives and does not see Ranbeer following them. Ranbeer poses as a carpenter and argues with the security guard to get into Tanu’s house.

Meanwhile, a desperate Pragya goes to Sarita for help and gets hopeful when she tells her that she does know a lawyer. However, Sarita is unsure if he is up to the task of handling a high profile case.

Prachi explains to Sahana over a call the purpose behind paying a visit to Tanu. Ranbeer peeks into the house through a window and sees Tanu and the man having a drink. However, Tanu is urgently summoned to the Police Station and leaves again.

Prachi, who is waiting for the right opportunity, does not see Tanu leaving and rings the doorbell.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer smashes a window and breaks into the house to look for any useful information. Unable to figure out where to start, he calls Aryan for help, who tells him where his mom usually hides her stuff.

While Ranbeer goes to Tanu’s room, Prachi realises that the doorbell isn’t working and enters the house through the same window Ranbeer had gotten in. She heads to Tanu’s room and discovers Ranbeer.

In the meantime, Pragya visits Raghuveer Mishra, the lawyer Sarita had recommended. He refuses to take on Abhi’s case citing the risks involved.

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