Ranbeer and Prachi begin to go through Tanu’s study. Much to their dismay, an alarm gets triggered when Prachi opens a drawer. They quickly handle the situation and realise that the drawer must have something vital to the case. Prachi finds a pendrive, and they begin to look for a laptop to check its contents.

Pragya’s emotional appeal moves Raghuveer, and he decides to work on the case.

Meanwhile, Prachi and Ranbeer find a laptop and play the video on the pendrive. However, Tanu arrives there with the police and gets them arrested.

The Inspector calls Pragya while Ranbeer informs Vikram of his arrest. Rhea overhears Aryan and learns that Ranbeer is with Prachi.

At the Police Station, one of the women Constables strikes Prachi on her fingers. Ranbeer tries to soothe the pain by blowing on it.

Pragya comes rushing to the Police Station, and Ranbeer informs her that the video they saw was the original video and the one Tanu would be presenting in court would be a doctored version of it.


Pragya promises Ranbeer that she will get him out of jail alongside Prachi. The Constable who had hit Prachi apologises to her and Ranbeer. She also tells Prachi that Ranbeer loves her.

Pragya confronts the Inspector while Tanu urges him to press serious charges like tampering of evidence. Pragya takes Tanu out of the room and asks her to not get her family involved, but Tanu reminds her that the destruction of her family is imminent.

Raghuveer arrives at the police station with Ranbeer and Prachi’s bail papers and they get released. His questions leave Inspector Trivedi uncomfortable. Vikram too arrives at the police station and is relieved to see that everything has already been taken care of. Later, Tanu congratulates Pragya for her small win.

Pallavi and Ranbeer get into a heated argument when she blames Prachi for everything.

In the meantime, Rhea arrives there and witnesses their fight. Furthermore, Pallavi and Vikram begin to argue while Rhea follows Ranbeer to his room. Meanwhile, Pragya vows before Sarita that will bring Abhi home.

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