Sarita asks Pragya to lighten her burden by speaking to her. Pragya states that she is going to do something big but can’t tell her what it is so as not to jinx it.

At the Kohlis, Rhea confronts Ranbeer for not telling her that he was with Prachi. Ranbeer tries to explain the situation, but Rhea just demands that he shouldn’t be anywhere near her.

Pallavi sprains her ankle but refuses to let Vikram or Ranbeer tend to it. When Ranbeer praises Prachi’s love for her father, it offends Rhea. Both Pallavi and Rhea side with each other and hold Prachi responsible for everything, while Ranbeer keeps insisting that it was his fault.

Prachi and Sahana discuss Ranbeer. Meanwhile, a frustrated Ranbeer holds Rhea responsible for the clashes in the house and compares her to Prachi.

Rhea realises her mistake and apologises to him. When she asks Pallavi to not fight because of her, Pallavi praises her for being so mature.

Later, Pragya receives a message while an idea strikes Ranbeer.

Prachi tells Sahana that she is making Puranpolis for Pragya because it is a big day for her. However, she ends up smearing her cheeks with the flour. Just then, Ranbeer arrives home and wipes her cheek when she falls into his arms.

Ranbeer shows Pragya the document he procured from Abhi’s doctor which could help her in court. Moreover, Pragya reveals that she has Tanu’s confession and explains how it got accidentally recorded at Mr Singhania’s office. Ranbeer and Pragya head to Raghuveer’s house with all the documents, but they bump into Tanu on their way. Later, they discuss their strategy with Raghuveer.

Aaliya, Baljeet and Mitali arrive early at the court in the hopes of getting a glimpse of Abhi.

Pragya too arrives there and assuages Baljeet’s concerns. Mitali shows her confidence in Pragya while Aaliya heads towards Tanu to give her a piece of her mind.

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