Tanu continues to provoke Aaliya to create a scene, but Mitali and Pragya handle the situation. Abhi reassures Baljeet that everything will be fine, and Pragya tells him about Tanu’s confession. Tanu mocks Pragya before the hearing and is confident that things will go her way.

The Judge arrives in the court, and Pragya worries about Raghuveer not showing up. The hearing begins, and Mr Singhania points out the absence of Abhi’s lawyer. He requests severe punishment for Abhi while Pragya keeps refuting his claims. At her request, the judge grants some time for Raghuveer to show up.

Aaliya confronts Pragya, but she assures her that she will look into it and goes to look for Raghuveer. Meanwhile, Ranbeer tries to help Rhea, who had begun to hyperventilate. Abhi is glad to see them together while Prachi chooses to stand next to him until Pragya arrives. A tensed Ranbeer sees Tanu leaving the courtroom and worries for Pragya.

Tanu approaches Pragya outside the courtroom and begins to mock her. In between, she shows her a video of Raghuveer getting attacked by a contract killer. When Pragya vows to save him, Tanu reveals that the video wasn’t live and that it already happened a while ago.

Furthermore, she lets her know that she was aware of the audio clip Pragya was going to produce in the court. Pragya is left shocked when Tanu explains how she got the audio clip deleted from her phone.

To prove that she is smarter than Pragya, Tanu boasts about her actions before Abhi. Left with nothing, Pragya decides to fight back with the help of truth and tells the judge why Raghuveer couldn’t come to the court.

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