Tanu regrets telling Pragya everything while Mr Singhania tries his best to refute Pragya’s claims. When he demands proof from Pragya, Prachi mentions the audio clip before everyone.

Mr Singhania refutes Pragya’s claims by pointing out that she doesn’t even have proof of her marriage with Abhi and presents their divorce papers as evidence. When he accuses Pragya of lying in court, an injured Raghuveer arrives in time to defend her, much to everyone’s surprise.

After Raghuveer explains what happened to him, Mr Singhania produces a video as evidence. To refute the video evidence, Raghuveer brings up the audio confession but is dismayed to hear that it has been deleted. However, Ranbeer brings up the document he had managed to procure from Abhi’s doctor and also informs everyone that the doctor is ready to testify.

The Doctor’s testimony does not hold well in Court, and the Judge pronounces Abhi as guilty. Raghuveer requests the judge to take his condition into account and give him another chance to prove Abhi innocent as well as grant him bail. The Judge honours both of his requests and schedules the next hearing three days later.

Pragya receives a call from the security guard informing her of a fire in the Mehra house. Abhi and the rest decide to go to their farmhouse for the time being. Later, Pragya bumps into Tanu, who is confident that Abhi will get convicted.

Tanu’s words leave Pragya worried. While she and Abhi take Raghuveer to the hospital, the rest of the family members head to the farmhouse. Ranbeer and Aryan get nostalgic and talk about their childhood.

Abhi praises Pragya for keeping the promise she had made of always looking out for him. However, Pragya blames herself for losing the audio clip and Abhi comforts her. Meanwhile, aware of Prachi’s presence, Ranbeer deliberately tells Aryan that she doesn’t matter to him anymore.

Aaliya chides Pragya for the way things turned out at court and suggests finding a way to compromise with Tanu, but Baljeet comes to Pragya’s defence.

Later, Pragya receives a call from Sahana stating that Sarita has hurt herself, and she rushes to their room. Tanu calls Abhi to give him a way out, but he refuses to speak to her.

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