Pragya tries to tend to Sarita, but she refuses to let her touch her feet. Sarita urges her to take action and direct all her efforts and time into saving Abhi. When Pragya mentions Alia’s suggestion to compromise, Sarita agrees with it and asks her to meet Tanu to gauge her.

Pragya calls Tanu to inform her that she is coming to meet her. At Tanu’s house, Pragya falls at her feet and begs her to take the case back. Tanu begins to gloat and makes her apologise for stopping her wedding with Abhi and returning to his life.

At the farmhouse, a worried Rhea comes to Abhi. He reassures her by recalling some of the legendary stories of when Pragya tried to keep him safe from Tanu’s clutches. Meanwhile, Tanu continues to humiliate Pragya and asks her to prove her love for Abhi by leaving him. She asks her to get her married to Abhi and gives her a night to think about it.

While Abhi and Rhea are chatting about Pragya, Prachi joins their conversation. Pragya returns home to find Sahana and Sarita asleep. While Tanu celebrates her impending victory, Pragya ponders over her decision.

Abhi calls Pragya but she doesn’t receive his call, uncertain as to what to tell him. Assuming that she must be asleep, Abhi promises the Fuggi doll that he will not let Pragya out of his sight once she returns home and drifts off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Prachi gets rude to Ranbeer, and Aryan asks her to stop hurting him.

The next morning, Tanu eagerly awaits Pragya’s call, while Pragya goes to the farmhouse, having arrived at a decision. Prachi tries to talk to Ranbeer, and he saves her from falling into the swimming pool. He tells her that despite her hatred, he would always be there to protect her. However, when they see Rhea, Ranbeer leaves while she warns Prachi to stay away from him.

Alia berates Pragya for not doing anything for Abhi. Pragya, who is restless to meet Abhi, reassures Baljeet and quickly leaves. Baljeet suspects that something is wrong and chides Alia for not trusting Pragya.

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