Abhi teases Pragya when she arrives while she pleads him to listen to her. When an overwhelmed Pragya is about to tell him about Tanu’s offer, Mitali comes rushing to inform them of Mr Singhania’s arrival.

Baljeet argues with Mr Singhania and asks him to leave without listening to what he had to say. However, Abhi arrives there, and he explains Tanu’s proposal of taking back the case if he agrees to marry her. Abhi flatly turns it down and speaks to Tanu over a video call, where he insults her and tells her that he feels nothing but hatred for her. Heartbroken at Abhi’s quick rebuff, Tanu vows to make him regret it.

Pragya, even though pleased with Abhi’s refusal, worries for his future and decides to accept Tanu’s offer, while Aryan and Rhea overhear her. Aryan rushes to Prachi and apprises her of everything while Rhea ponders over it. Pragya tries to convince Abhi to accept the proposal, but Rhea and Prachi both interrupt them at the same time stating that they have a solution.

Prachi and Rhea, having come up with the same idea, explain it to Pragya and Abhi, according to which Abhi will have to agree to Tanu’s proposal to buy time to gather evidence against her. Pragya loves the idea, while Abhi reluctantly agrees to it. To avoid raising Tanu’s suspicions, they decide to involve Baljeet in the plan. Meanwhile, Mitali finds an emotional Alia going through her and Abhi’s childhood pictures.

Pragya informs Abhi, Rhea and Prachi that Baljeet is with Tanu. Abhi and Pragya begin to squabble followed by Prachi and Rhea’s bickering. On seeing them together, Pragya and Abhi are unable to keep the smile off their faces. Pragya then tells Abhi how she managed to convince Baljeet to go to Tanu and make her believe that Abhi has accepted her proposal.

Tanu is left surprised at Baljeet’s changed attitude and refuses to believe her. Provoked by her words, Baljeet ends up blurting out that she is here to trap her in Pragya’s plan. Back at the farmhouse, Abhi and Pragya begin to worry about Baljeet. Mitali tries to figure out what the family is up to but is unable to gauge anything. She decides to bring Aaliya there.

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