Prachi explains the entire plan to Ranbeer, who complains to Abhi for not making him a part of it. Baljeet takes Tanu to her room and gives her special bangles as the future daughter-in-law of the house. After Tanu leaves, Abhi praises Baljeet’s acting skills and looks for Pragya.

Overjoyed at the success of their plan, Abhi dances with Pragya, but they get interrupted by Alia’s arrival. She conveys how deeply hurt she was for not being included in the plan. Abhi pacifies her and explains the circumstances under which they had to come up with the plan. Pragya leaves as she receives Sarita’s call while Abhi tells Alia that he is happy to have his sister back.

A furious Sarita begins to berate Pragya after learning about Abhi’s roka. Abhi, Pragya and Prachi then go to meet Sarita to explain to her what actually happened.

Meanwhile, Tanu receives a call from a man named Pradeep, who blackmails her for money. A worried Tanu realises that she will have to hasten the process of getting married to Abhi. Later, Abhi informs Pragya that he got their marriage certificate made.

Pragya gets emotional when Abhi informs her about their marriage certificate. Abhi and Prachi return to the farmhouse while Pragya stays back with Sarita. While Prachi is going through the fridge, Ranbeer arrives there looking for food. Prachi offers to make a sandwich for him. Ranbeer praises the sandwich made by her and they begin to tease each other. However, they stop when Rhea arrives there.

Rhea video calls Pallavi so that she could talk to Ranbeer, and he tells her about Abhi’s engagement with Tanu. After the call ends, Rhea deliberately fawns over Ranbeer. Prachi gets uncomfortable and leaves. Ranbeer follows her and demands to know what’s in her heart. He urges her to tell him the truth or at least tell him that she loves him, but Prachi refuses to give in.

Tanu keeps dreaming about Pragya slapping her or Abhi throwing her out of the house. Feeling threatened by Pragya, she decides to separate her and Abhi. She calls Pragya that very moment and asks her to meet her at the farmhouse in the morning.

The next morning, Pragya informs Abhi and Alia about Tanu’s call. Aaliya’s words reassure Pragya and she expresses her regret at not involving her in the plan. Later, Pragya tries to convince Abhi to let Tanu insult her.

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