Baljeet and Mitali stall Tanu from seeing Abhi and Pragya together. Everybody is left stunned when Tanu’s demands Pragya to sign the divorce papers on the day of the hearing, which is also the day of her engagement with Abhi.

Although Abhi refuses to divorce Pragya, she insists that they agree to Tanu’s demand.

Meanwhile, Tanu interrupts Aaliya and Rhea’s argument when Aaliya calls Abhi’s wedding a deal. She offers to hand over Abhi’s business to Aaliya, but Aaliya refuses to go against her brother.

Abhi and Pragya’s prolonged absence bothers Tanu and she questions Baljeet about it. Everybody is left surprised when Pragya agrees to divorce Abhi but keeps forth a condition of her own.

Sarita is left restless thinking about what is going on at the farmhouse and gets annoyed with Sahana. At the farmhouse, Tanu subtly warns everyone to behave nicely with her. However, Pragya arrives there and as a part of her act, gives an earful to Baljeet, Alia and Rhea for betraying her. She curses Tanu that she will never be happy in her marriage.

A furious Tanu decides to speak to her lawyer but before she could leave, Rhea trips her and everyone gangs up on her. Before leaving, Tanu gets Pradeep’s call, and she tries to pacify him by stating that she is working towards their future. Pragya, who was nearby, overhears everything and decides to look into it.

When Tanu shares her concerns with Mr Singhania, he assures her that he will compel Pragya to divorce Abhi in court. Meanwhile, Pragya expresses her fears to Sarita, who tries to assuage her concerns.

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