Pragya too confesses that she is scared of how everything will turn out. Rhea brings a dazed Ranbeer and Aryan to Prachi’s room where she shows them the pill she intends to spike Tanu’s drink with. She emphasises that there is no room for error as she has only one pill. Prachi goes along with a nervous Mitali to serve the drink to Tanu. Meanwhile, Alia pretends to have accepted Tanu wholeheartedly.

Tanu refuses the drink offered by Mitali and a disappointed Prachi takes it back to the kitchen where everyone is eagerly waiting. Upon realising that their Plan B has failed, everybody decides to concentrate on their original plan. The Twins, Ranbeer and Aryan cleverly swap Tanu’s phone, and Pragya sends the engagement ceremony’s invitation card to Pradeep, who decides to find out the truth himself.

To stall the engagement, Alia proposes that Abhi dance with Tanu. Abhi, while dancing with Tanu, smiles thinking about Pragya. Pragya pushes Abhi which leads Tanu to cough violently and she demands water. Rhea rushes to the kitchen and asks the waiter to give Tanu the spiked drink. Pradeep, who has already arrived there, disguises himself as the waiter and appears before Tanu.

While serving the drink to Tanu, Pradeep asks her to meet him on the terrace. Tanu has the drink and is on the verge of losing consciousness. Pragya begins to question her while Rhea records Tanu’s video. However, Pradeep gets a gist of what is going on and creates a distraction to take Tanu away from the room.

While everybody begins to look for Tanu, Pradeep brings her to her senses and tells her that she was given a sedative. When he threatens to tell Abhi everything, Tanu renders him unconscious and hides him in a cupboard.

Mr Singhania informs everybody through a video call that he will keep calling Tanu every 30 minutes for her safety and if she doesn’t receive his call, he will arrive with the Police. During the engagement, the sedative kicks in and Tanu faints while Pragya wonders why Pradeep didn’t show up. Abhi decides to call him and Rhea hears Pradeep’s phone ringing in the next room. Worried that there’s an intruder in the house, everybody goes to check where the sound is coming from.

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