Prachi tells Rhea that though she was separated from Pragya, she does have Pragya’s qualities though. After a happy Rhea goes to sleep, Prachi meets Ranveer, who is on his way out. However, Prachi’s scarf gets entangled in Ranbeer’s watch and she assumes that he is troubling her. Ranbeer clears Prachi’s misunderstanding and says that he doesn’t need to employ such tricks to be close to her.

He tells a story to Prachi, conveying that he knows about her feelings which she hesitates to express. Prachi dismisses Ranveer’s affectionate actions, leading him to walk away. Meanwhile, holding the engagement invitation in her hand, Tanu gloats over finally winning over Abhi and defeating Pragya. Later, Prachi meets Sahana, while Tanu goes to meet Pragya and gives the invitation card to her. Tanu tells Pragya that she will marry Abhi as soon as their divorce finalises and offers to talk to Pragya’s lawyer to hasten the process. Pragya turns down Tanu’s offer of help, while a clever Sarita spills some sauce over Tanu’s saree and manages to get her hands on Tanu’s purse and phone.

In the meantime, Prachi tells Sahana about Pallavi’s declaration to get Ranbeer and Rhea married after the case resolves. Emotional, she recollects the moments spent with Ranbeer and tears up. While Prachi pours her heart out to Sahana, Pragya takes advantage of Tanu’s preoccupation to check her phone and learn who was threatening her. When Sahana reprimands Prachi for turning a blind eye to Ranbeer’s feelings, Prachi leaves and goes to Pragya. On learning about Pragya’s intentions, she promises to help Sarita keep Tanu away. Soon after, Pragya receives a call on Tanu’s phone and Pradeep’s rant leaves her shocked.

Tanu subtly threatens Abhi to be on his best behaviour during their engagement ceremony. Prachi and Rhea come up with a plan B wherein they intend to ply Tanu with alcohol so that she confesses the truth in her inebriated state. Pragya begins to scold Rhea and Prachi as soon as alcohol comes up, but Abhi comes to their defense. Eventually, Pragya agrees to it and Ranbeer volunteers to get Tanu drunk.

Sahana and Sarita discuss Salman Khan’s new film, Radhe. While getting ready for the engagement, Tanu receives a call from Pradeep. She tells him that she is unwell and is at the doctor’s to blow him off but has to cook up another story when he tells her that he is right outside the clinic. Elsewhere, Pallavi informs Rhea that she and Vikram will not attend the engagement ceremony.

Pragya tries to convince Aaliya and Mitali to be friendly with Tanu. Aaliya complies with her request when Tanu arrives there for the ceremony. While Baljeet welcomes Tanu, Ranbeer is left mesmerised on seeing Prachi dressed up. Sahana compares Prachi’s love story to Pragya and Abhi’s which annoys Prachi. Meanwhile, Abhi shares his fears with Pragya, and she promises to always be by his side.

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