Abhi, Pragya, Rhea and Prachi find Rhea’s phone in the room and dismiss the ringing of the phone.  They decide to find out Pradeep’s address with the help of Purab’s friend.

Pradeep wakes up and looks for Abhi or Pragya to tell them the truth about him and Tanu. In between, he deals with the manager of the catering service when he questions him. Meanwhile, Tanu wakes up and panics when she doesn’t find Pradeep in the almirah.

When Ranbeer bumps into Pradeep, he gets suspicious and tells Alia about it. Tanu, having overheard them, stops them from going after him. Before Pradeep could approach Pragya, Tanu acts quickly and renders him unconscious. Much to her dismay, Mitali sees her with an unconscious Pradeep and cooks up a story to explain the situation. Once she sends Mitali away, Tanu hides Pradeep in the trunk of a car.

While discussing their next step, Abhi receives a call from Mr Singhania who demands to speak to Tanu. Abhi reassures him that he would help him do so. The Mehras fake their concern for Tanu, who vows to make their lives difficult and asks the priest to begin with the ceremony.

A reluctant Abhi gets engaged to Tanu. Later, Pragya tries to calm him down and reassures him that they will find something against Tanu before the wedding.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer comes across the manager, who tells him about Pradeep.

Pradeep wakes up in the car and cries out for help. Furious at Abhi and Pragya’s move, Tanu decides to move up the date of the wedding and talks to Mr Singhania about it. Sometime later, she receives a blank call that reminds her of Pradeep and asks her man Somdutt if he opened the car’s trunk after abandoning it. She panics when he says that he forgot to do so and asks him to go there right away and let the man out.

Ranbeer and Mitali come rushing to Abhi and Pragya’s room and tell them everything about the waiter. Abhi realises that the waiter was Abhi and asks Purab’s friend Arvind to track his number. In the meantime, Tanu receives another blank call. She is left aghast when Somdutt informs her about Pradeep’s death. She asks him to deal with the body and heaves a sigh of relief when the initial shock of Pradeep’s death wears off.

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