At Pragya’s provocation, Tanu confesses to falsely accusing Abhi while everything gets recorded on Pragya’s phone. However, Tanu tries to inject Pragya with the truth serum, but in the scuffle, ends up injecting herself. Pragya checks her phone for the video and leaves while Tanu remains unconscious.

When Pragya gives Abhi the news of having gotten Tanu’s confession over a call, Abhi jumps for joy. Pragya tells Aaliya that before revealing the truth in front of the Judge , she will pose as Tanu and get married to Abhi first. Aaliya reassures Pragya that she will send somebody to take care of an unconscious Tanu to avoid making Mr Singhania suspicious.

Desperate to stop his wedding with Rhea, Ranbeer packs a bag and leaves while Aryan tries to figure out what he is up to. However, on the road, Ranbeer comes across a drunk Pradeep and convinces him to come with him to the farmhouse and reveal the truth before the judge. While Rhea and Prachi help Abhi get ready for the wedding, the Judge calls Alia and insists that he shall attend the wedding through a video call. Ranbeer informs Abhi about having found Pradeep. Pragya returns home and prays that everything goes according to the plan.

Abhi greets the Judge while Ranbeer arrives at the farmhouse with a drunk Pradeep. When Pragya asks Ranbeer to bring Pradeep before the judge once he gets sober, Aaliya insists that they focus on her and Abhi’s wedding first and leaves to deal with an unconscious Tanu.

Mr Singhania arrives at Tanu’s house and suspects that something is wrong when he finds the injection. While Pragya goes to get ready for the wedding, Alia and Rhea tie-up Tanu and hide her in a cupboard. Soon after, the bride arrives at the mandap, and the wedding ceremony begins. However, Mr Singhania insists on seeing the bride’s face to confirm that she is Tanu, but Aaliya handles the situation.

Abhi happily lifts his bride’s veil before the judge and is shook to find Tanu underneath. It gets revealed that Aaliya betrayed Pragya for the shares and property promised by Tanu and Mitali too was aware of it. Abhi goes looking for Pragya and learns that she was rendered unconscious by someone. Dazed at how their was used against them, Abhi begins to blame Pragya while she tries to calm him down. To put an end to it once and for all, she begs Pradeep to reveal the truth before the Judge.

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