Abhi gets anxious about the mehndi ceremony, and Pragya tries to calm him down. Tanu keeps receiving blank calls, while Somdutt decides to hound Tanu for his money when he realises that she is trying to avoid paying him. Rhea overhears Prachi and Sahana’s conversation about Ranbeer and learns that Ranbeer likes the colour of the outfit Prachi is going to wear at the ceremony.

Sahana questions Prachi about the bathroom incident, and Prachi confesses the truth. However, Alia overhears everything and decides to not tell Rhea about it as it will break her heart. She goes to Rhea’s room and promises to always be there for her. Later, Alia explains to Mitali that she sees herself in Rhea; Purab never loved her and Ranbeer too will never be able to love Rhea.

Before the henna ceremony, Abhi asks Pragya to fix the broach on his shirt, but Tanu insists on doing so. At Pragya’s insistence, Abhi gets all lovey-dovey with Tanu, leaving her jealous. Everyone decides to play antakshari during the ceremony. When Rhea learns that Prachi is still getting a shower, she sneaks into her room and rips her outfit.

Rhea drops her bracelet after ripping Prachi’s outfit. Tanu asks Pragya what caused the change in Abhi’s attitude. Aryan tells Sahana that his mom doesn’t want them to be friends when Alia glares at him for sitting next to her.

Tanu divides the teams for ‘antakshari’, but Abhi refuses to play. When she divides the team to his liking, he readily plays along. The game begins, and Abhi serenades Pragya. When Tanu brings up Baljeet, it reminds Pragya of the necklace she wanted to gift Tanu. Mitali asks Rhea to get it as the jewellery was kept in her room. However, Tanu asks her to get it later.

Amidst the game, Tanu sees Somdutt sneaking into the house. Pragya too catches a glimpse of him but remains unsure. Tanu threatens Somdutt with a knife, but he explains that he is only here for his money. Tanu asks him to steal the jewellery from the safe in the room and consider it as her payment of his services.

Meanwhile, Rhea heads to her room to retrieve Tanu’s necklace. A noise alerts her that somebody is in her room, and she checks her bathroom. Soon after, she discovers the theft while Somdutt, who was hiding in the bathroom, finds himself trapped. Abhi sends Aryan to look for the man Pragya had caught a glimpse of. Prachi finds her dress ripped and spots Rhea’s bracelet.

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