Rhea recognises the rag which was tied around Ranbeer’s wound when she sees Prachi’s dupatta. She confronts her and asks her to go away from the family after her marriage with Ranbeer. Reluctant at first, Prachi readily agrees when Rhea threatens to move away, breaking up the family.

Pragya informs everyone about Tanu’s move but also explains that the situation could turn in their favour if Tanu confesses or if Pradeep talks about their marriage before the judge. Abhi seeks reassurance from Pragya and asks her to promise him that they will run away together if they fail to prevent his wedding. Prachi overhears everything and refuses to sit idle.

Somdutt comes knocking at Tanu’s door for money. When he threatens to tell Abhi everything, Tanu tries to kill him, but Pradeep stops her and takes Somdutt away. However, Tanu calls the police and states that Somdutt is making ridiculous claims about her being married to a man named Pradeep, who is colluding with him. The inspector identifies Pradeep as a wanted criminal. Pradeep slaps Tanu when the police arrive at her doorstep. Meanwhile, Prachi seeks Rhea’s help in procuring the truth serum.

Pradeep threatens Tanu that he will stop her wedding at any cost and escapes before the police enter Tanu’s house. Tanu insists that Pradeep will show up at her wedding with false evidence and requests the inspector for police’s support. Meanwhile, Rhea and Prachi give the truth serum to Pragya to get a confession out of Tanu.

Rhea begins to feel guilty but convinces herself that Prachi is in the wrong. She calls her to her room and again threatens to destroy their family if she tried to steal Ranbeer from her. Later that night, Prachi sees Ranbeer struggling to slice an apple and helps him. Ranbeer talks about their future as a couple and laments its loss.

On the day of the wedding, Mr Singhania informs Tanu that the case against Abhi has been withdrawn. Pragya arrives with the bridal attire at Tanu’s house and hides her phone to record Tanu’s confession. She takes the syringe out of her bag, but Tanu sees it and asks her to leave. Pragya reminds her that Abhi is marrying her not because he wants to but because she asked him to.

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