Tanu insists that Pragya should sing a song. Pragya obliges by singing a song for Abhi while he plays the guitar for her. Ranbeer steps out to attend a call when he sees Prachi coming up the stairs and is left spellbound. He asks her to not look so beautiful if she wants him to stay away from her. Soon after, Prachi confronts Rhea for ripping her outfit.

Somdutt decides to escape from the bathroom window to avoid getting caught. Prachi joins the game and sings a song that leaves her emotional. Ranbeer watches Prachi singing from afar and recollects some beautiful moments from their past, but she suddenly stops singing when she spots Ranbeer.

Rhea informs everybody about the theft. Just then, Pragya spots Somdutt fleeing, and Abhi and Ranbeer go after him. They manage to catch him, and he readily reveals that a family member asked him to steal the jewellery. However, Abhi renders him unconscious when he tries to flee while Aaliya informs the police about the theft. Rhea accuses Prachi, but Abhi refuses to believe her and decides to wait for Somdutt to wake up. Pragya realises that Tanu is nervous. Rhea keeps insisting before Alia that Prachi is the one who asked Somdutt to steal. Ranbeer comes to Prachi’s defence and calls out Rhea for her childish behaviour. An upset Rhea leaves while Aaliya spots Prachi, who had overheard everything, at the door.

Ranbeer’s heart breaks to see Prachi crying and comforts her by wiping away her tears. Pragya comes rushing to Abhi and tells him about Tanu being nervous ever since Somdutt got caught. She also conveys her worries about Rhea and Prachi, but Abhi assuages her concerns. Alia joins them, and they figure out how Tanu and Somdutt are connected.

Tanu gets rid of Aryan and Sahana, who are keeping an eye on Somdutt and brings Somdutt to senses. However, before she could set him free, Abhi, Pragya and Alia arrive there and question her. When Aryan and Sahana too confront her for lying to them, Tani throws a tantrum to avoid answering their questions.

Somdutt tries to escape when Abhi threatens him. However, he gets caught again, and upon recollecting Tanu threats, tries to implicate Prachi. Pragya proves that he is lying, but just then, the police arrive to arrest him. While Pragya is left disappointed as they lost another opportunity, Tanu invites her to the wedding.

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