Pragya pleads in front of Pradeep to say the truth to Judge. Pradeep says I will tell Judge that Tanu has betrayed me, before and now too. Pragya says Judge is on call and asks him to come. They come to the marriage altar. Pragya calls Rhea and Prachi. Pradeep tells that he is feeling dizziness and needs to go to washroom.

Ranbir says I will come with you. Pradeep says I am not eloping anywhere. Ranbir goes with him. Prachi and Rhea comes to Pragya. Aaliya comes there with Mitali and ask where did you go? Pragya says I am fine. She asks Rhea and Prachi to arrange a screen where they can play Tanu’s confession. Mr. Singhania asks Tanu to keep the papers savely and says he will leave. Tanu looks smilingly at Pragya.

Pragya is shocked and recalls the injection is injecting in Tanu’s hand. She says you don’t deserve this garland, take it out. Tanu says stop it Pragya. Pragya says if you think that this is marriage then it is fake. Tanu says she was playing game with me and wanted to marry Abhi. Abhi says I knew about it and says Pragya was about to sit on it. Pragya says she made me unconscious and sat on the mandap. Tanu says this is my marriage arrangements and Abhi is released from jail due to me. She says everyone is attached with Pragya and wants him to be with her. She says she is giving them last chance and tells Rhea that she will be her good mom.

Pragya says I am her mother and is still alive. Tanu says why do you think about Prachi’s betterment then? Rhea asks her to stop it. Tanu provokes Rhea against Pragya and asks her to stay away from Rhea. Abhi says I will tell who is my daughter’s mother.

Pragya asks Aaliya to call the Judge and says don’t know where Ranbir took Pradeep. Tanu says I am going inside. Pragya stops her. Aaliya says the call is connected. Judge asks why did they call him? Pragya asks Judge why this marriage is happening? Judge says to get her justice.

Pragya says if nothing wrong has happened with Tanu then if she deserves to get justice. Judge says I can’t say this. Pragya says if Tanu is not raped then this marriage shall not happen. The Judge says yes, but… Pragya says I wanted to hear this. Pragya asks Abhi to give phone and tells that Tanu is doing wrong with my husband and you are becoming witness to her crime. She says I have her confession and plays the recording, but it is just half and it is seen in the video that Pragya is injecting Tanu.

Pragya says someone edited it. Tanu asks why will anyone do this. Pragya tells Judge that she had gone to her house, and Tanu confessed in anger, but deleted the video. Judge asks her not to make fun of law and asks Abhi to take care of Tanu, and gives warning to Pragya. Pragya asks him to give her 5 mins and tells that someone will tell that this marriage is illegal. She asks Abhi about it. Tanu recalls Mitali asking her to delete the video. Tanu edits the video and keeps it back in his pocket.

Pradeep comes there. Tanu looks confident. Pradeep looks at Tanu angrily. Pragya says Tanu edited it and asks her how she will get saved from Pradeep. She says this is her husband. Tanu asks what are you saying? Pragya says Pradeep was unaware that Tanu is marrying Abhi betraying him. Tanu asks Pradeep to say if he is her husband and threatens him.

Pragya asks Tanu to leave him and tells that she is threatening our witness. Tanu says you will again bring someone. Judge asks Pradeep if he knows Tanu. Pradeep says yes, tells that he knows her, she has cheated him. He says he had asked money from her, but she didn’t give him money. He says then I realized that my time is bad, she is not bad.

Aaliya thinks don’t know how Tanu handled him. Tanu recalls whispering him to change his statement. Pragya and Ranbir ask him to say the truth. Pradeep says I am telling truth. Pragya asks what is your relation with her? Pradeep says Tanu is my bhabhi and tells that she was his brother Praduman’s wife. Ranbir asks why is he lying? Tanu says enough, and tells that her husband was dead. She shows the marriage certificate and shows fake pictures of Praduman. She says she is now Abhi’s wife and this is her truth. Pradeep says sorry to Tanu. He says I told truth and asks her to take care of him in low tone. Pragya is shocked.

The Judge says Tanu is Abhi’s wife, and says if anyone troubles her then legal action will be taken against that person. Tanu thanks Judge. Judge says this shall not happen again and asks Abhi to take care. Judge ends the call. Tanu says I am so tired and will take rest. She goes.

Pragya says sorry to Abhi. Abhi asks sorry for what, for doing tamasha of me and for bringing her dewar here. He blames her for making Tanu sit with him and tells that he is buried in the pit. Pragya asks him to calm down. Abhi says I have done a mistake by trusting you, now everything is finished. Pragya says you came out of case, you will come out of marriage. Abhi asks what we can do now.

Pragya asks for a day’s time and asks him to let Rhea and Ranbir marriage happen tomorrow, then she will think what to do. She promises that she won’t let Tanu in his life. Abhi gets upset and goes. Rhea goes behind Abhi. Prachi asks Pragya not to worry.

Pallavi comes there and congratulates Abhi for marrying Pragya. She asks if you are upset as Vikram haven’t come. She tells that Vikram was angry as I kept marriage in a hurry and tells Abhi that he will come. She tells that she has brought so much stuff for Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. Abhi says I want to be alone for sometime. He tells that he couldn’t think of Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage as he is married to Tanu and not with Pragya.

Rhea comes back to Pragya and tells that Dad went out to get some fresh air. She says Dad met Pallavi aunty and told that he couldn’t think about our marriage. Pragya says your marriage will happen as you wanted, I promise. Rhea smiles. Pallavi comes there and says sorry to Pragya. Pragya asks her not to say sorry. Tanu tells Pallavi that she will handle everything and calls her samdhan ji. Rhea says you are not part of our family.

Pragya asks Rhea to calm down and asks Ranbir to take Pallavi to her room. Tanu asks Pragya to go to her room, if she has done all planning, plotting and mind games. Pragya says I will not go until my daughter’s marriage is done. Tanu asks her to go. Rhea says mom will be here. Tanu says I permit Pragya to stay here for few days. Pragya worries for Abhi.

Tanu wants Abhi to start afresh with her, but he reminds her that she will never be able to replace Pragya. Ranbeer pleads with Pallavi to let him marry the woman he loves. She allows him to marry Prachi on the condition that Prachi comes to her and tells her that she wants to marry him.

Aaliya and Mitali put on act before Abhi and blame themselves for everything. After Abhi consoles them, he feels guilty for blaming Pragya and they apologise to each other. They both agree to make the wedding memorable for Rhea and Ranbeer and put off dealing with Tanu until then.

Ranbeer goes to Prachi’s room to convince her to marry him, but she rudely rejects him. Both are left heartbroken but hide it from each other. When Tanu tries to assert her rights as Abhi’s wife before Pragya, Abhi gives her a fitting response. Later, Tanu asks Pragya to leave the room.

Alia gives Pradeep some money and tries to find out what he has over Tanu, but he refuses to tell her anything and reveals that she truly is his sister-in-law. Tanu tries to sleep next to Abhi, but he deliberately snores loudly to make her sleep on the couch. While picking up a glass of water, Pragya’s memory gets triggered. She remembers seeing Alia before losing consciousness during Abhi and Tanu’s wedding and realises that she betrayed them.

A furious Pragya confronts Aaliya. , who reveals that Tanu is going to help her achieve her dream of being a partner in Abhi’s company. Pragya states that she will tell Abhi everything after Rhea’s wedding and will get her thrown out of the house. Meanwhile, Ranbeer tells Pallavi that he is ready to marry Rhea.

The next morning, Abhi sets out to buy a gift for Ranbeer while Pragya dresses up Rhea for the wedding. Aryan curses Prachi for rejecting Ranbeer in front of Sahana, which infuriates her, and she ends up telling him about the deal Rhea struck with Prachi.

Pragya is doting over Rhea when Pallavi enters the room with Ranbeer. Later, when Pragya and the rest realise that the garlands have been used up, Pragya offers to get new ones from a nearby temple.

In an emotional outburst, Prachi tells Sahana that she cannot see Ranbeer getting married to somebody else and is going to the Shiv temple to demand answers. Aryan overhears everything and he and Sahana rush to tell Ranbeer the truth. Alia tries to stop Aryan, but he manages to tell everything to Ranbeer. Enraged, Ranbeer confronts Rhea and tells her that he is going to the Shiv temple to marry Prachi. Rhea’s pleas fall on deaf ears, so she calls Abhi and asks him to bring Ranbeer back. Abhi promises her to do so.

Rhea fails to stop Ranbeer from leaving and breaks down before everyone. She accuses Prachi of bewitching Ranbeer with her words. Ranbeer arrives at the temple and lets Prachi know that he is aware she was being blackmailed by Rhea. He convinces her to marry him and reassures her that nobody will be able to separate her parents. Unable to hold back anymore, she confesses her feelings. Back at the farmhouse, Rhea destroys the mandap while Tanu calls Abhi and asks him to come home quickly. He calls Pragya and tells her that Prachi could have manipulated Ranbeer and asks her to put a stop to their wedding.

Tanu shows her concern for Rhea. She asks Pradeep to go to the temple and record everything that is going on. Pragya arrives at the temple and slaps Prachi when she sees her getting married to Ranbeer. However, Ranbeer explains everything to her and she blesses the couple.

Tanu shows Rhea a video wherein Pragya is showering flowers while Ranbeer and Prachi are getting married. Just then, Abhi arrives and Rhea tells him that she lost her love because he trusted Pragya and Prachi too much. Distraught at the fact that nobody loves her, Rhea jumps off the roof, and Abhi fails to save her. While a doctor treats Rhea, Tanu shows the video to Abhi.

A furious Abhi arrives at the temple and slaps Ranbeer. He accuses Pragya of betraying him and his family for Prachi. He severs his ties with her and believes that Tanu would be a better mother for Rhea. Pragya tries to tell him the truth, but he leaves when Tanu calls him to inform him about Rhea’s critical condition.

Pragya reassures Prachi and gets into her car to follow Abhi back to the farmhouse and explain the entire situation. When she calls him, Tanu answers the phone and gives it to Abhi at her insistence. However, Abhi berates her and tells her about sabotaging her car to get rid of her. Tanu tells her that Abhi did it at her behest, and she and Alia mock her. Believing the Abhi wanted her dead, Pragya’s car plunges off a cliff. Meanwhile, it gets revealed that Pradeep mimicked Abhi’s voice and spoke to Pragya over the phone.

A woman prays for a reason to live while performing her daughter’s last rites by dipping in the river. As an answer to her prayer, she comes across an unconscious Pragya and rescues her.

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