Two years later, in Australia, Pragya’s mother tells the guests that she is certain of her daughter winning the businesswoman award and the doorbell rings.

Pragya comes home. The lady smiles. Pragya says I won. She says I am sorry, I couldn’t wait for after party, as I want to be with you and celebrate this moment with you. She says sorry for killing her excitement and says I came here before the TV telecast. The lady congrats her. Catherine brings cake and asks her to cut. Pragya thanks her. Sushma says I know you will win, and tells that she is the first Indian woman in Australia to have won this award.

Pragya cuts the cake and makes Sushma eat it. sushma says we will go to Hillton Palace hotel and all the world will celebrate with you. Pragya nods her head. A guest congrats her. Pragya thanks him. She goes behind Sushma. Sushma says sorry for not attending your award function, if I had not medical problem then I wouldn’t come. She asks how did she feel? Pragya says I thought for the first time, that I exist, and people were praising me and shaking hands with me, as I am maker and not breaker. Sushma says you are talking about past.

Pragya says I have proved myself in these 2 years and says you had said that if I get successful then you will let me go to India. Sushma gets asthma attack and goes. Pragya brings her spray and gives her. She asks why did you forget it here and there? Sushma says when you are around, I keep it and forget. Pragya says I tried to change myself and you had told that you will let me return to India, when I get successful. Sushma says yes, I had said as I wanted to make you strong and don’t want you to be money minded, but powerful, who have status and have their own brand. Pragya asks what do you think that if something is missing and tells that the start ups are successful and she is the CEO of the reputed International company, and tells that this award which she got, is not given to any Australian.

Sushma says I know you have moved on in life, but haven’t forgotten to look in past. She says you said that you felt like maker and not like breaker. She says you have pain of the past more and the happiness of today less. She says you don’t want to come out of your past, and asks her to live the moment. Pragya says I was murdered by my loved ones, how to tell you. She says how to tell you, if someone wants to kill you whom you loved a lot. She says I couldn’t sleep in night and gets bad dreams. She says if I am dead then I will get mukti in India only. She says you have done many favours on me, I gave you the authority of my mother, and I have done whatever you wanted. She says I really want to return to India.

Sushma says God snatched Priyanka from me and gave me you, says you are the reason of my life and says you can go to India. Pragya asks if it is necessary for me to go to party. Sushma says no. Pragya thanks her and goes.

Later Sushma comes to Pragya and says I told you how you met me, but didn’t tell you that I wanted to die. She says I asked God to either return my daughter or to give her reason for live. She says I wanted to die and someone else wants to kill you. She says I got angry when you told me that your nanand, sautan and husband wanted to kill you. She tells that her daughter Priyanka was being tortured by her husband Rohit. She says she married him against her wishes and Rohit took her to India. She says she avoided her phone calls.

One day she melted and picked her call. She says Priyanka told me that her husband is having an affair with someone and he has been torturing her. She asks her to come and save her. Sushma rushes to India and goes to Priyanka’s home, but finds her hanged and dead. She cries. FB ends.

Sushma says even I was dead with Priyanka, I couldn’t save her, but when I met you, I promised myself that I will not let anything happen to you. Pragya asks why you didn’t tell me before Priyanka.

Sushma says I guess, today is the right day, I got my daughter back in you, and you are the reason of my life and two lives are saved due to your stay here. Pragya hugs her. Sushma talks to Mark and asks him to apologize to the guests on their behalf. She asks him to make changes in the tickets. He says ok. She worries for Pragya and goes to her room.

Prachi gets the dream in which Abhi is scolding Pragya and gets up from her sleep. Ranbir reminds her that Police couldn’t find Pragya when her car was found in the water. They recall visiting the Police Station and the Police officer tell them that Pragya is dead. Prachi says nothing can happen to her. Inspector asks Ranbir to take her, else he will arrest her. FB ends. Ranbir says if she would have been fine then would have met us by now. Prachi says no and hugs him.

In the morning, Pragya wakes up. Sushma wishes her happy birthday and says today I came to know that today is your birthday, today is the day when star is born and who gets everything in life. Pragya picks the cake and throws it, says today is not my birthday. Sushma says you are telling in sleep that birthday is coming and you shall celebrate. Pragya says today is his birthday.

Sushma asks today is Abhi’s birthday. Pragya says yes. She says sorry for hurting her and says it used to be important day of my life, but not anymore. She says he might be celebrating with Tanu.

Dadi wishes happy birthday to Abhi and applies him tilak. Abhi says lets see if others remember. Dadi says they might want to surprise you. Dadi says she wanted him to get God’s blessings, but you woke up late. Abhi asks why he made her wear shawl? Dadi says it looks good on you, says if Pragya would have been here, then she would have decorated the house and make food for you. Abhi asks why do you talk about her always. Dadi says I am alive in the hope that Pragya will return. Abhi says you are talking about death on my birth. Dadi says I am sure that Pragya is alive and she will return. Abhi goes out.

Sushma informs Pragya that they are going to India, to take charge of the Australian Company. She says may be you will meet that guy. Pragya says it will be shocker for him, nothing can be more good gift than this, on his birthday. He will see the bad dreams now. She takes out his pic and says happy birthday dhokebaaz, see you soon.

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