Abhi sings at the bar next to Pragya’s restaurant. She realises that it is Abhi’s voice and abruptly leaves to look for him. However, she fails to see him and demands from a waiter to show her the picture of the singer.

The Waiter assumes that Prashant, Abhi’s friend, sang and shows Pragya his picture. When he realises that it was Abhi, he goes after Pragya to show her his picture but the guard outside the restaurant doesn’t let him in.

Abhi passes by the restaurant again. Pragya hears his voice and tries to follow him but fails to catch up to him. Meanwhile, Aryan tells Prachi about the landlady’s words when she returns home from work. This greatly upsets Prachi, and she gives the landlady a month’s notice. Ranbeer tries to pacify her, but she refuses to tolerate anyone who insults her husband. She appreciates Ranbeer for leaving his family when they didn’t accept her while Ranbeer calls her his anchor.

Back at the chawl, Baljeet requests Tanu to bring Abhi home. Tanu longingly looks at the restaurant on her way to the bar and spots Pragya’s reflection in the mirror.

After seeing Pragya’s reflection in the mirror, Tanu rubs her eyes to ascertain that she saw Pragya. However, Pragya and Sushma get done with their dinner and head out of the restaurant from another exit. The guards do not let Tanu follow them.

Soon after, Sushma realises that their car has broken down. Pragya steps into the restaurant and requests the manager to arrange a mechanic for them.

Sushma leaves the car unattended in an attempt to connect to Pragya. Meanwhile, Prachi helps Ranbeer prepare for an interview with a potential investor.

Tanu eventually finds Abhi and berates him for accepting the bottle of liquor instead of money. She spots Sushma’s car and tries to steal her purse, but Sushma catches her red-handed. However, before Pragya could intervene, Tanu manages to flee the scene.

The guard at the restaurant comes looking for Sumit, who is drinking with Abhi, to fix Sushma’s car. Sumit convinces Abhi to tag along and they together arrive at the restaurant’s parking lot.

Back at the chawl, an agitated Tanu tells Aaliya about having seen Pragya, but she refuses to believe her.

Prachi sends Ranbeer and Aryan off for their interview with best wishes.

Abhi and Pragya stand across from each other, but fail to see each other’s faces as it begins to pour heavily.

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