The Police arrive at the chawl to arrest the culprit with Pragya in tow. Pragya enters Abhi’s house with the police moments before Abhi’s departure and shocks Aaliya and Tanu with her presence. Tanu puts up a fight when the police accuse her but is silenced on learning about the incriminating CCTV footage.

Adding insult to her injury, Pragya reveals that the purse contains the deed to the Mehra Mansion which she recently bought. Furthermore, Pragya avoids Baljeet and leaves Tanu at the police’s mercy. As fate would have it, Pragya and Abhi miss meeting each other while the police insist on arresting Tanu.

Pragya pities the Mehras’ state in the chawl and gives up her quest for revenge. After she leaves, her changed appearance and financial standing puzzle the Mehras and Mitali plans to exploit her for their gain. However, Aaliya  forbids Mitali from telling Abhi about Pragya’s return and manages to silence Baljeet as well.

Abhi returns home and states that Tanu is reaping the fruits of her actions and that he is happy she is in jail. Baljeet chides Abhi and urges him to secure Tanu’s release. To stop Abhi from learning about Pragya’s return from Tanu, Alia decides to tag along with him to the police station.

In the lock-up, a jealous Tanu ponders over Pragya’s new-found riches. She hints at Pragya’s return in front of Abhi but Aaliya gestures her to keep mum. Meanwhile, Ranbeer continues to stay by Vikram’s side and gets a call from Prachi.

Standing by the door, Pallavi sees Vikram sharing a conversation with Prachi over a video call and gets shocked on hearing him apologise to Prachi and inviting her back home with Ranbeer.

Later, Pallavi tells Ranbeer that while he is welcome to return home, Prachi will not be allowed in despite what Vikram says. Back at the police station, the junior Police Officer, Amit, tells Abhi to talk to the complainant and request her to withdraw the case against Tanu.

Unaware that the complainant is Pragya, Abhi decides to go to her house, while Aaliya and Tanu decide to stop the couple from coming face-to-face. The scheming duo discerns that Pragya harbours hatred for Abhi and vow to keep the misunderstanding from getting resolved.

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