Aaliya and Tanu discern that Pragya is out for revenge against Abhi and decide to keep the couple apart to prevent Pragya’s misunderstanding from getting resolved. Meanwhile, with Amit’s help, Abhi procures the complainant’s address and decides to visit the house to plead Tanu’s case.

Pragya wonders about the financial woes of Abhi’s family and calls Aaliya to learn the reason behind it. However, Aaliya shouts at Pragya and ends the call.

On overhearing their conversation, Mitali chides Aaliya and blames her lack of business sense for their losses. Later, Abhi realises that Sushma’s daughter filed the complaint against Tanu and requests Sushma to help him get Tanu released.

When Sushma refuses to let him speak to her daughter, Abhi puts on an act, but Sushma refuses to budge. As a compromise, she decides to talk to Pragya herself and relate Abhi’s request to her. She tells Pragya that the man who had saved her and repaired her car is the husband of the lady whom she got arrested. Furthermore, Sushma tells Pragya about Abhi’s wish to talk to her.

Subsequently, Ranbeer returns home and Prachi talks about moving to his parents’ house together. However, Ranbeer recalls Pallavi’s hurtful words and loses his cool at Prachi.

Prachi comes to the terrace and crying standing there. Ranbir comes behind her and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She moves away. Ranbir says I am so sorry Prachi and says if you come to know what Mummy said, then you will understand why I behaved such. He says sorry. He says Mummy wants me to stay in her house and return home alone. She couldn’t see my love and wants me to return alone. He says she told that I will get luxury life, cars and business, but I want this life where I am happy. He says I am sorry for getting emotional and tells that he loves her a lot and can’t go anywhere.

Prachi cries and hugs him. She says I love you too, even I love you a lot. Ranbir says all my world is in my embrace. She says nobody loved me this much, except my mother and you. Ranbir says your mother loves you a lot. She says she is missing Mother. Ranbir asks her to wear saree and specs. Prachi says she miss Maa.

Sushma tells Pragya that the guy who repaired her car and who saved her, is the husband of the girl whom you got arrested. Pragya says husband. Sushma says Gautam was asking me if the culprit is found or not. Pragya asks what her husband said. Sushma tells that Abhi told that he met his wife after 20 years and don’t want to separate from her, loves her a lot etc. Pragya cries.

Sushma asks her to tell why is she crying and asks who was he? Pragya says he was my husband and that woman was his wife Tanu. Sushma asks if he is the same guy who betrayed you and asks if they are the ones who tried to kill you.

Prachi tells Ranbir that it seems the rain will start and everything seems strange. Ranbir says you wanted to tell me something. Prachi says she didn’t want to tell him, when he was with his dad. She says I have seen Rhea today. Ranbir says don’t take her name, as everyone’s relationship got ruined because of her. He says she instigated mummy and others against you. Prachi says I think I saw her. Rhea is seen running on the road and taking drugs, while some goons are behind her.

Ranbir says our relationship spoiled because of her and says even your relation spoiled with your dad. Prachi thinks Papa has a misunderstanding and I wish I could clear it. She calls Abhi and ends the call. She says if you would have been here, then Papa would have been with us.

Sushma says sorry to Pragya. Pragya says she will not cry for him. Sushma says it is good to cry sometimes. Pragya says I don’t understand why I cry for someone, for whom I don’t exist. She says she has returned to India, to show him what I am and not to shed tears for him. She goes.

Sushma thinks how was he telling me about Tanu, I thought he is a good husband and tells that she cant believe that such an innocent face tried to kill my Pragya. She says he might have fooled Pragya with his sweet talks and thinks she will punish him and will not let any Mehra family come to her. She says last time Pragya was alone, but this time, her mother is with her.

Prachi comes to the public booth and calls Abhi. Mitali asks Aaliya to pick the call and says Amit gave the call. Aaliya picks the call. Prachi is silent. Aaliya says do you want to talk to your dad, and tells that he is drunk. She says if you want to know that we are in problem.

Prachi asks what is the problem? She asks where is Papa? Aaliya says I caught you. She says we have problem due to you and your mother. Mitali makes her phone fallen down. The call gets disconnected. Mitali asks Aaliya not to tell Prachi about Pragya.

Prachi calls her again. Aaliya tells that her dead mother might have cursed her, and not leaving them even now. She asks her not to call again and says he hates you. Prachi ends the call and thinks my mother is alive. Pragya thinks of the past moments with Abhi.

Pragya says he had told me that he loves me, now he loves Tanu. Now he became Tanu’s soulmate. She thinks he was betrayal from the start, I couldn’t understand him, thinks I should have known that he was lying to me, thinks even their fate can’t unite them.

Prachi comes back to the terrace and thinks why did Aunt Aaliya say? She thinks she wanted to tell about Maa. Ranbir comes there and says he wants handcuffs to be with her always. Prachi says I had gone for a walk to have some fresh air. Ranbir says if I don’t see you, I will get heart attack. He asks if she went down to get rid of Rhea’s thoughts. Prachi says whenever I think about her, relations changed, my papa is in this condition and my Mother. Ranbir says your Mother… Prachi says she is alive and will return.

Pragya is in her house. She hears the door bell and opens the door. Abhi is standing and turns towards her. They couldn’t see each other at first, as there is darkness. He then looks at Pragya as the thunderstorm light falls on her face. Pragya also sees Abhi. Abhi gets happy and emotional.

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