Meanwhile, Ranbeer gets annoyed when he and Prachi keep getting interrupted by Siddharth and their landlady. Siddharth too complains to his colleague, who insists that they go clubbing that evening.

Sushma pacifies Pragya, who is disappointed in herself and organises the auction again. Having resolved to not let Pragya profit from the house, Aaliya decides to wait outside the bungalow until Juhi brings them the documents. The bidding begins, and the house is about to be sold when Aaliya and Tanu disrupt the auction claiming that the property can’t be sold!

Aaliya and Tanu disrupt the auction. Pragya explains to Sushma who they are, which further annoys Sushma. However, Pragya stops her from doing anything and explains that she wants to understand what they are up to. Alia and Tanu claim to be the original owners of the property and call Sushma and Pragya frauds.

Aaliya and Tanu mock Pragya when Sushma calls herself Pragya’s mother. Mr Ravi, who had won the bid, requests to go through Pragya’s documents for the property. He also checks Aaliya’s documents and deduces that the property is disputed.

Upon hearing this, all the guests lose their interest in the property and ask Pragya to not call them again for the auction.

Siddharth visits a club with his colleague and is left stunned on seeing Rhea there. When the colleague urges him to ask Rhea out, Siddharth insists on showing her to Ranbeer first. He video calls Ranbeer, who is having a romantic dinner with Prachi.

While Aaliya and Tanu gloat about their victory, Pragya gives them a fitting response and chides Tanu for misbehaving with Sushma. She also threatens them with legal action and warns them to not expect mercy from her.

Pragya lets Aaliya and Tanu go after giving them a warning. Amit teases Abhi, who gets upset thinking about the issues between him and Pragya. Ranbeer checks his phone and calls Siddharth back. However, he fails to see Rhea but while disconnecting the call, Prachi hears Rhea’s voice.

Suspecting that Sushma is upset about something, Pragya questions her about it. Meanwhile, Baljeet urges Abhi to explain to Pragya why he is still with Tanu.

When Abhi describes Pragya’s behaviour, Baljeet consoles him and is convinced that once Pragya learns the truth, she wouldn’t be angry anymore. Abhi agrees to do so while Tanu and Alia worry about Pragya’s plans for them. He overhears them talking about stopping the auction and secretly mocks them for thinking that it was for their own good.

Sushma expresses her dissatisfaction with Pragya’s inaction and chides her for letting Alia and Tanu off with a warning. She urges her to take the form of Goddess Durga and strike back, shattering the Mehras’ pride. A motivated Pragya thanks Sushma for bringing her back on the right path.

Aaliya and Tanu figure that Abhi and Pragya will never be able to resolve their misunderstandings and decide to take advantage of it.

Ranbeer reassures Prachi that it wasn’t Rhea’s voice.

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