Pragya comes to Abhi’s locality and sees him dancing with his friends. Abhi’s friend spills the juice on Pragya’s car window. Abhi asks him to say sorry to her. The friend says sorry to Pragya as she gets down and walks towards him. Amit gives clarification to Pragya that they were celebrating as Abhi won for the first time. Abhi says she is not angry with him, but with me. He asks him to go and says he will talk.

Rhea asks Siddharth about the drugs in his pocket. He says he didn’t know. Rhea says we both will be trapped. Siddharth says room is booked on my name. Someone knocks on the door. Rhea says we both will be trapped. She rushes to the bathroom and throws the drugs in the commode and flushes it. She comes out. Sid asks what to say, if Police asks that the room is booked on his name, then how she is here. Rhea says if this thing will go on, then no girl will marry you. She asks him to cook up a story that they had a fight and later she came here. He opens the door and finds the waiter standing.

The Waiter brings the food trolley and says you had ordered breakfast when you booked the room. Sid gives him money and asks him to give him some information.

The drug peddler comes to Rhea’s friend Saina and scares her to tell about Rhea’s whereabouts. Her friend tells that she doesn’t know about Rhea or Sid. The drug peddler threatens her that Jack will get her killed. He asks her to find out where is Sid and Rhea, if she wants to see her friend alive. He asks her to call Rhea and asks her to return their drugs. He calls a reporter and asks him to publish the news of three people suicide. Saina says she will call her. She calls Rhea.

The drug peddler takes the call and asks Rhea to give the drugs which is with Sid. Sid says he doesn’t have any drugs. The drug peddler asks them to buy it if they want to have drugs and tells that he has tracked their location, and is coming there. He goes from there.

Saina calls Rhea and asks her to ask Sid to check the back pocket as drug is there. Sid takes the call and asks her to go away from her house, and tells that they will do something.

Prachi and Ranbir comes to the Redstone hotel. Prachi tells that she will be back in 5 mins. She asks someone if she saw her. The lady says no. The photo flies and falls down near the constable. They pick it. Prachi says it is my sister’s pic and says you can see.

Abhi gets hiccups. He says he was thinking why is he getting hiccups, says you came to meet me and missed me so much. Pragya says I am angry as you spoiled the auction. She asks him to celebrate his yesterday’s win also, as it was his last victory. Abhi says he has won the queen and says he lost on every stage of his life, but today he won the queen, as she returned in his life. Pragya looks at him.

Prachi is about to show the picture to the Constable. Just then, the Inspector calls him and scolds him. He says someone came to meet Sid.

Ranbir asks the Receptionist to make him meet his brother. The Receptionist tells that Sid’s intercom is not working, she sent someone to call him. Ranbir says okay. Sid breaks Rhea’s sim card and tells that they can’t track us now. He says they seems to be like two lambs getting hunt by everyone, this city is theirs.

The Receptionist informs Inspector about Sid’s brother insisting to meet him. Police Inspector talks to other Inspector who came from Delhi. The Delhi Police officer comes to Rhea and Sid, as the latter are about to know. The Inspector tells that he is from Delhi Police and asks them if they are really married, as Rhea is not wearing vermilion or mangalsutra. He asks Constable to arrest them. Rhea says it is not needed that I wear sindoor and mangalsutra. She argues that they are married, but don’t have proof.

The Inspector gives them an hour to prove that they are married and says you are accused of selling drugs in this city. He gives an hour to them to prove. The Bangalore Police officer tells Delhi Police Officer that he was doubtful that they are not married. The Delhi Police officer tells that they shall not wait for an hour then, and shall arrest them now itself.

The Waiter hears Police and goes to Sid and Rhea. He knocks on the door. Sid opens the door. The Waiter informs him. Sid tells Rhea that they have to leave immediately from back door. Constables come to Rhea and Sid’s room and find them missing. The Bangalore Police officer informs Ranbir that he has to come with him to PS, as Sid eloped. Ranbir gets shocked.

Pragya tells Abhi that he has to take a complete birth to reach her empire. He says he will win eventually in this birth, and you can’t do anything, I can win whenever I want. He says Queen loses from King anyhow. Pragya says you are not King. Abhi says he has immense love in his heart. Pragya says you won yesterday and today also, because of me. And you will lose tomorrow due to me. She says I will not give you a chance to even laugh if you come infront of me again. She says I came to inform you this and goes. She goes to sit in her car and leaves. Abhi kisses the carom Queen in his hand.

Rhea and Sid seeing Jack and Jenny, hides. Jack tells Jenny that he will take his powder. Prachi is also on the road and asks a lady if she saw her, showing Rhea’s picture. The lady says she saw her here right now.

Ranbir calls Prachi and tells her that Sid escaped from the hotel and the Police is taking him. He asks her to come to the Police Station. Prachi asks if Sid is fine? Ranbir says he didn’t know. Prachi says she can’t come right now, and tells that a lady saw Rhea here. Ranbir asks her to come to Police Station and search Rhea later. Prachi says okay and asks about the Police Station.

Ranbir asks the. Constable and asks Prachi to come to Lal Bagh Police station. Prachi takes taxi.

Ranbir asks the Inspector why is he searching Sid? Inspector asks why Police search someone and tells that he is a criminal. Ranbir tells that Sid called and told that he is in problem, so I came here. Inspector asks where did you hid Siddharth, and tells that he has drugs. Ranbir is shocked and tries to go, but constable stops him.

Prachi comes there. Constable asks her if she wants to file missing complaint. Ranbir signs her to say yes, and asks her to pretend. They sit on the bench. Ranbir tells her everything and asks her to act like strangers. Prachi says if we take time then it will be late. She says they haven’t arrested you and asks him to leave, when she distracts the Police. She hears Police constable telling the address of the girl (Rhea).

Prachi notes down and sends to Ranbir. A couple comes there fighting with each other. Prachi tells Ranbir that they shall grab this chance and reach the girl’s house before Police. They leave. The Inspector comes back and asks where is Ranbir?

Ranbir asks Taxi driver to take them to Jayanagar. He says if I find Sid then I will take him to airport. Rhea and Sid are in her house. Sid asks if this place is safe. Rhea hopes that Police don’t find her address. She says if we tell Police then they will arrest us and if we tell Jack and Jenny then they will kill us. Sid tells that they shall marry and then take pictures. He says then we can show to Police.

Rhea says she don’t want to marry and get stuck in lifetime. He says if I had phone then would have called my brother and he would have saved us. Rhea says your brother, he must be like you. Sid says my brother is a hero and is about to tell his name, when he sees Jack and Jenny coming there.

Prachi and Ranbir come in a taxi, but they don’t see them. Jack and Jenny come inside the house. Rhea and Sid escape from there. Prachi and Ranbir come inside and find the door lock broken. They understand that Sid escaped from the drug peddlers. Prachi finds Rhea’s bracelet and tells Ranbir that Rhea has such bracelet.

Ranbir says there must be many bracelets like this and you are thinking about Rhea. He finds tea cup and says Sid was having tea 2 mins before, and must have saw the people from whom they have danger and that’s why escaped. He says we have to check the CCTV footage. They come out and see Sid sitting in the car and leaving.

Bob informs Jack on the call that he is following them. Ranbir and Prachi also follow Sid. Prachi says why Sid is doing this? Ranbir says we will catch Sid and the girl.

Sid thanks the guy giving them lift. The guy says you have thanked me 5 times by now, I was going to Airport to pick my parents. Rhea says he is habitual to say thanks. Rhea sees Jack and Jenny and tells that they want to get down here. They get down and run. Prachi and Ranbir also run behind them. Jack, Jenny and Bob are also after them.

A traffic Police sees Rhea and Sid and informs Inspector that he found them on race course road. He says I will send you the entire address. Inspector says Sid is gone.

Sumit asks Sushma to leave car and tells that he will deliver the car tomorrow. Sushma says someone dropped juice on my car, clean that too. She says she is going home in another car.

Rhea and Sid come to the marriage venue of someone. They think that they can hide here. Jack and Jenny also come there. Jack says if I get my drugs then also I will kill that Sid. Prachi and Ranbir hear them and get shocked.

Prachi and Ranbir worried for Sid. Ranbir says we came to know that he is here. Prachi says if someone from gang does something. Ranbir says no, we shall search them. Prachi collides with waiter and the juice falls down on the bride’s clothes. She tells her sorry. The groom comes there and asks them not to say sorry. He asks from whose side, they have come.

The Bride asks if he will give special treatment to bride’s side? She says whoever comes, will be guest. The groom says your sister will complain, who has picked my shoes. Bride goes to change the clothes. The groom asks about their side. Ranbir diverts them and go. They see Jack and Jenny and smile.

Rhea’s hand collide with Prachi’s bangles, as she moves past her. Prachi and Rhea both senses something. Rhea stops for a while and turns, but couldn’t see Prachi as someone comes infront of her. Sid sees Jack and Jenny and come to Rhea. He takes her from there. Ranbir and Prachi continue to search Sid. Rhea asks what to do, shall we hide or leave from here. The bride’s mother asks Rhea if she is bride’s friend and asks her to search her. Rhea says I am searching her. She tells Sid that they have to hide somewhere soon. They go to room and lock the door. They see bride and groom standing there.

The groom says I was doubtful on you. He asks them to tell why they have come. Sid tells that they didn’t come to trouble them, and came here to hide. Rhea says we belong to a good family, situation and condition is bad. The bride and groom hold each other’s hand.

Rhea and Sid are seen dressed in bride and groom’s attire. A fb is shown, Sid asks them not to get scared. Rhea tells that we are already scared. The groom asks from where they came. Rhea says they met in a pub. Sid tells that he liked her when he saw her. He says they were unaware that drugs are served with drinks. Rhea says if I had known then wouldn’t have gone. She says Jenny had put the drugs in Sid’s pocket. Sid says they want the drugs back.

Rhea says she had flushed it. She says we are running away from Police and the drug peddlers and came to hide here. Sid says this city was boring, interesting and now dangerous, it didn’t suit me. The groom likes their story and says I wanted to tell my children about such story.

The Bride says she always wanted to marry in a special way, now she will get a chance to save a couple. Rhea says we are not a couple. The groom says we will help you. He says we have to go to the Temple, and if they come and catch you. They suggest Sid and Rhea to wear their wedding attire and leave from there. The bride says we have extra clothes.

Rhea and Sid are about to leave, when the groom’s relative, what are they doing here. Sid is about to show his face, when he sees Police there. Rhea says if we don’t see the face then they will get us married. The lady talks to Inspector. Inspector tells the lady that the drug peddlers are here, and they came to catch them. The lady says okay and asks the Priest, bride and groom to come. Sid tells Rhea that they have to marry.

Rhea says what? Sid tells that they will make a story that they had done court marriage and now. Rhea says I am not prepared to marry you and tells that she don’t know him. Sid tells that he stays in Delhi with his Aunt and Uncle. He has a Cousin brother and a sister, and also a sister-in-law. He says he will never fight with her and promises her.

Rhea laughs and says she will not marry him. The Priest says mahurat is ending. Rhea and Sid hold each other’s hand. Rhea says let’s get married. The Priest asks both bride and groom to sit in the Temple. Sid and Rhea sit in the Temple. Sid thinks if he should call Ranbir? He calls Ranbir, but the latter disconnects the call seeing unknown number. Sid thinks Ranbir doesn’t pick unknown numbers.

The Priest asks Rhea to keep her hand in Sid’s hand. A boy is seen playing infront of the pedestal fan. Rhea’s ghunghat is about to move from her face. Rhea hides her face before Prachi could see her. Lady asks someone to switch off the fan.

The Priest asks them to exchange garlands. Rhea and Sid exchange garlands. Jack and Jenny come there and look for Rhea and Sid. Rhea and Sid take the rounds and sits. Inspector comes there and looks at Jack and Jenny. Rhea thinks she never thought to marry this way. Sid thinks the way is wrong, but not this marriage. Inspector arrests Jack and Jenny and takes them from there silently.

Sushma sees Abhi on the road drinking and gets furious. She asks driver to stop the car. She then gets down from the car and goes to Abhi. Abhi greets her. Sushma asks her not to do forced formality. Abhi says what, poor or fun loving. Sushma talks about his past and says you knows well what you have done. Abhi says I am actually sorry for that. Sushma asks what do you think that you will be forgiven.

Abhi asks shall I give my life? Sushma says you can’t do, and asks him to stay away from her daughter. Abhi says nobody can separate us. Sushma says Pragya is not happy with you and asks why you can’t see her moving on. Abhi says he can’t see her alone and wants her to be with him. Sushma says for your advantage.

The Priest asks The groom to fill vermilion in the bride’s hairline. Ranbir and Prachi look for Sid. Photographer asks them to move and is about to take Rhea and Sid’s picture. Sid fills Rhea’s maang with sindoor. The real bride and groom come there. The Priest tells that the marriage is completed now.

The lady asks whose marriage you have solemnized, as the bride and groom are here. The boy switches on the fan. Rhea’s veil is lifted by the wind and Prachi sees her face. Meanwhile Ranbir sees Sid’s face and he’s shocked.

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