Abhi and Sushma get into an argument wherein Sushma accuses him of wanting to be with Pragya because of her money. Abhi emphasises the fact that he is her husband and asks her not to meddle in their relationship. Rhea and Siddharth explain to the bride and the groom what happened after they donned their outfits. Later, when Siddharth insists that Prachi help Rhea get changed, Rhea refuses her help.

Pragya calls Gautam and asks him to meet her the next day to clarify what is wrong with the papers of the Mehra house. Siddharth, who is delighted with the wedding, tries to convince an upset Ranbeer that Rhea is a good match for him. A frustrated Ranbeer reveals that she is Prachi’s sister and conveys his concerns regarding Pallavi. He recounts the conversation he had with Pallavi, and Siddharth tries to persuade him to return home with Prachi and pacify Pallavi’s anger.

Sushma tells Pragya about meeting Abhi, and she recollects a memory from the past which renders her emotional.

Meanwhile, a drunk Abhi keeps imagining Pragya everywhere.

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