Having spiked Pragya’s drink with alcohol, Gautam waits for her to get dizzy while she goes through the property papers. Abhi rings the doorbell but realises that it isn’t working and gives up on his hopes of meeting Pragya. When Pragya realises that something is wrong with her, Gautam puts on an act and apologises for accidentally exchanging their drinks. Pragya heads to the washroom to make herself sober.

The Doctor reveals to the family members that Vikram suffered from another heart attack. While Siddharth consoles Ranbeer, Prachi goes after Pallavi and Daljeet. However, Pallavi holds Prachi responsible for Vikram’s condition and calls her unlucky. She also accuses her of separating Abhi and Pragya and being the cause of Pragya’s death. She begs her to leave them alone and not separate her from Vikram. Prachi is left devastated at her accusations.

After meeting Sushma, Mr Thapar calls Gautam, who reveals that he will spend the night with Pragya and make her his. He also reveals that he eventually intends to take over Sushma and Pragya’s business. Elsewhere, Sushma gets informed that Abhi has been sent to the farmhouse and she too directs her driver to go there.

When Gautam talks about spending the night with Pragya, Abhi overhears him through a window and begins to thrash him. The commotion alerts Pragya, and she stops Abhi from hitting Gautam. Furthermore, she refuses to go with him when he tries to take her.

Pragya rebukes Abhi and tells him that he doesn’t mean anything to her. When he tries to explain Gautam’s intentions of trying to come close to her, Pragya suggests that it could also be the other way round. A miffed Abhi leaves the farmhouse in her car and asks her to take a ride back with Gautam.

Abhi drinks while driving and resolves to fight back. A worried Sushma spots Abhi driving Pragya’s car and questions him. Abhi tries to warn her about Gautam, but she too rebukes him. She rushes to the farmhouse and tries to learn what happened from Gautam, who decides to teach Abhi a lesson in his own way.

Pragya’s words keep ringing in Abhi’s ears, and he ends up crashing the car. Once he realises what has happened, he decides to leave the car at the garage. Meanwhile, Pragya senses that something is wrong, and her feet automatically take her towards the door.

Back at the Kohli house, Daljeet confronts Pallavi and tells her that she is responsible for Vikram’s condition and not Prachi. She begs her to save Vikram by letting Ranbeer and Prachi return. When Sushma expresses her relief at Guatam not filing a complaint as it would drag Pragya into the mess, Pragya tells her that Abhi has an advantage – he has nothing to lose.

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