Pragya decides to heed Abhi’s advice and use a different tack to make him realise that his love means nothing to her. A worried Sushma decides to do something that would let Abhi know that Pragya isn’t alone.

At the chawl, Tanu tends to Abhi’s wound, and he imagines her to be Pragya. When Tanu spots the earring that Abhi had removed from his pocket, she accuses him of having an affair and demands to know who the woman is. Abhi teases her and lets her believe that he has begun to like someone. Sushma learns that Pragya’s car has been damaged and decides to teach Abhi a lesson. Alia comes rushing into the house and informs Abhi that Sushma has arrived with the police to arrest him.

Vikram wakes up and much to everybody’s surprise, asks for Prachi. He begs her to give him his son back, and Prachi reassures him that Ranbeer will stay by his side. Pallavi is pleased with Vikram’s request but is left shocked when he talks about both Prachi and Ranbeer moving in. Back at the chawl, Sushma proves to the garage’s manager that Abhi caused the accident and demands that he and Abhi pay for the damages.

Vikram acknowledges Prachi’s place in Ranbeer’s life and tells Pallavi to make arrangements for their return. While Ranbeer and Prachi go to look at the former’s room, Pallavi seethes in anger and her reaction worries Daljeet. Prachi gets emotional at Vikram’s words shares her joy with Ranbeer, who assures her that things will soon return to normal in their lives. Daljeet embraces the duo and sheds tears of joy on being reunited with them.

Meanwhile, Sushma demands money from Abhi and the garage’s manager for damaging her car and threatens to get them arrested if they fail to do so. Abhi reveals that the accident took place because of another man, who was with Pragya, but refrains from revealing his identity. To prevent the matter from escalating, the manager agrees to pay INR one lakh to Pushpa, and she leaves. However, the manager demands Abhi to return the money as soon as possible and threatens to file a case against Abhi if he fails.

Consequently, a troubled Pragya is plagued by Abhi’s thoughts and battles with her conscience to prove to herself that Abhi no longer matters to her. She worries about falling weak in her resolve and wonders why Abhi wanted to kill her in the past, only to rescue her from dangers in the present.

Abhi believes that Sushma’s actions were fuelled by Pragya, while Tanu taunts him saying that he was jealous of the man with Pragya. Her words get Abhi thinking, and he calls Pragya to apologise for thrashing her friend. Pragya tries to question Abhi about their past, but Sushma returns home at that moment and her actions against Abhi come to light.

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