Prachi brings tea for Dadi. Rhea comes there. Dida asks her to drink tea. Rhea is about to hold the cup and recalls how her chole fell down. Pallavi comes there. Prachi says tea is ready. Dadi also asks her. Pallavi says she has acidity. Rhea asks her to have biscuits and then have tea. She says she heard from many people. Pallavi is about to take biscuits. Prachi stops her and tells that Rhea is right, but as you are having acidity problem, have cold milk.

Rhea thinks she wants to prove herself genius and wants to prove me stupid. She says Mummy can’t drink cold milk as her tea is made with almond milk. Prachi says I thought she takes it according to diet and taste. She asks her to take banana and ginger juice to get rid of acidity. Pallavi says okay. Prachi says I will make it and goes. Rhea gets angry and is walks away. She is about to break the vase, but stops. She thinks why Prachi, why do you do this? You want to lower me infront of others. She says if you want to impress Mummy then you want to lower me.

Dadi asks Pallavi why she didn’t answer. Dida says Rhea has set Rajeshwari’s saree, as it was a beauty tip. She tells that someone might have gone to kitchen and make the chole fall by mistake. She says that day also, Prachi fell by mistake. Pallavi asks do you want me to apologize to her. Dadi says I want Prachi to do all the Janmasthami arrangements and says Rhea can’t do this, as she never made this arrangements. Pallavi says Rhea can do this.

Dadi says Rhea will learn, but until then let Prachi do. Rhea hears them and gets angry. Pallavi agrees to keep Dida’s word. Dida says I don’t know who is best among Rhea and Prachi, but you are my best daughter-in-law. Pallavi smiles.

Aaliya asks Tanu if she said something. Tanu says let me speak, and says if one point is remaining , then Sushma will say. She makes the lawyer make the clauses ready. Dadi comes there and asks if she is selling Abhi? She says what is happening here. Abhi says this is what your God wants. He says I will make you understand. He says he has a demand and tells that he don’t want to be put in Pragya’s house like a furniture. He blames Pragya for playing with his heart, business etc.

The Lawyer asks what is your demand. Tanu thinks Abhi’s agreement will make my plan easy, I will think of the plan here and Abhi will execute there. Lawyer asks Abhi if he wants to get all these things written in the contract.

Rhea comes to the room and breaks the things. She falls down on the bed crying, thinking of Dida and Pallavi’s words. She then thinks Prachi has cut her words. She thinks she will not cry, else Prachi will become strong. I can’t let her win and says this time I have to plan, so that she can’t make me lose, and I will win always. She says when Prachi goes to kitchen, I will go to room. I will make sure how Prachi handles this.

Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir asks her to please pass him a towel, thinking her as Prachi.

Rhea is about to give her hand in his hand. He says Prachi, I am honestly saying that something funny is going on in your mind. He asks her to give the towel and says if you don’t give me the towel, then I will come out, and will hug you and will make myself dry. He asks if she wants that. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya plays…

Rhea takes the towel and gives to him. He drags her inside and hugs her. He says I love you. Rhea says I love you too. It turns out to be her imagination. Ranbir asks her to give the towel. She gives him towel. He thanks her and closes the door. Rhea goes and collides with Prachi. Prachi asks what happened to her.

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