Pallavi apologizes to Rageshwari ji. Teji says Prachi spoils 4 things, if she does 2 good things. She says I called her, but she didn’t listen. Prachi says I didn’t hear her. Rageshwari ji asks her not to scold Prachi. Teji says Prachi has to learn so much here and calls Soni. Soni brings talcum powder and hair dryer. Rhea cleans the stain using powder and hair dryer. Teji praises Rhea. Rageshwari thanks Rhea.

Sharda ji says it is a good idea. Rhea says few things have to be learnt ourselves. Teji asks Prachi to learn this, if she wants to make something fall on someone. Rhea says Chachi is joking and asks Prachi to smile. Teji says even we have learnt good thing from badi Daughter-in-law.

Pallavi lashes out at Prachi as soon as Rajeshwari leaves. Teji does the job of adding fuel to the fire by bringing up the past, further aggravating Pallavi. Daljeet tries to defend Prachi and chides Teji for bringing up the past. When Prachi apologises for her mistake, Pallavi reveals that she is hosting a lunch for the committee members of the NGO the next day where Rajeshwari is going to suggest her name for the position of chairwoman and asks Rhea and Prachi to cook separately. She tells Prachi that she will forgive her if her food is better than Rhea’s.

Meanwhile, Mitali tells Abhi verbatim what she overheard but fails to recollect who Alia was talking to. Tanu handles the situation by quickly coming up with a fib. Tanu and Aaliya watch the news and revel in their victory while Pragya tells Sushma that she feels too humiliated to step out. Sushma consoles her and urges her to fight back, whereas Alia assures Tanu that Pragya will never be able to come out of it. Rhea fakes concern for a dejected Prachi before Daljeet and asks her to speak to her.

Daljeet finds Prachi crying in her room while hugging Pragya’s picture. She consoles her and encourages her to do a good job the next day. Having overheard everything, Rhea vows to win the keys.

Ranbeer returns home and is told that Prachi is in the kitchen. To surprise her, he hugs her from behind and tells her how much he missed her. However, he is shocked when it turns out to be Rhea while Prachi, who had seen everything, leaves in a huff.

The incident leaves Rhea greatly disturbed, while Ranbeer tries to explain to Prachi that it was a misunderstanding. Prachi bursts into laughter and tells him that she was pulling his leg. She also tells Ranbeer that Rhea is a changed woman. Later that night, Rhea pretends to be asleep when Siddharth enters the room, while Ranbeer finds Prachi trying to better her recipe of Chole Bhature. Prachi tells him how much she wants to keep Pallavi happy.

Pragya is accosted by the media as soon as she opens the door and loses her patience. After driving them away, her lawyer advises her to not get aggressive before the media. When Sushma asks him for a way out, he suggests that she bring her ex-husband back into her life to stop the media from speculating about her.

Sushma expresses her outrage at the lawyer’s suggestion, who tells her that it is the only way out for Pragya. At the office, Abhi overhears Nehal badmouthing Pragya and learns about the allegations against her. He teaches him a lesson and tries to call Pragya.

Shagun informs Pragya that somebody has come to see her. Aaliya demands money from Gaurav to further their plan against Pragya but gets surprised to see Mr Thapar there. It gets revealed that Mr Thapar was behind her company’s downfall, and she confronts him.

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