Rhea waits outside to receive the parcel of chole bature. She thinks if anyone comes then will ask what I am doing here and if anyone goes to kitchen. She calls the restaurant and asks to send the number of the delivery guy.

Pallavi, Teji and Dadi welcome Rajeshwari ji, Sharda ji and others. A guest tells that they came to have food here. Dadi asks them to have tea first. Pallavi says her both bahus made chole bature. Rajeshwari says it is good, we will get to eat the tasty food, if one couldn’t make nicely the we can have tasty food made by other daughter-in-law. Pallavi asks Soni to get the table ready. Prachi gets ready with the garnishing and serving the batura.

Rhea chides the delivery boy and asks him to come quickly. While Rhea gets the food delivery, Prachi adds the finishing touches to her dishes. However, as soon as she empties the food into a casserole, it slips from her hands.

Clueless as to what to do next, Rhea appears before everyone without the food. This enrages Pallavi, and she demands to know what happened. Prachi reveals that Rhea never cooked the food as she was busy getting a beauty treatment. Rhea admits that she had ordered the food from a restaurant. When a furious Pallavi hands over the house keys to Prachi, she refuses to take them and tells her that Rhea truly deserves them. This pushes Rhea over the edge and she begins to insult her. When Rhea misbehaves with Daljeet for speaking up for Prachi, Pallavi slaps her.

Rhea snaps out of the scene she had just envisioned. Just then, she receives a call from Siddharth asking her to send pictures of an important document he had left at home. Rhea thinks on her feet and asks him to take Prachi’s help. While Prachi gets busy helping Siddharth, Rhea collects all the split ‘Cholle’ in the casserole and switches it with Prachi’s. However, as an afterthought, she drops the casserole deliberately and leaves with the ‘Cholle’ Prachi had prepared. When a maid arrives to help Prachi take the food out, they are shocked to find the mess.

Pragya calls a drunken Abhi again and tries to make out the meaning behind his words. Assuming that he is talking about Tanu, Pragya defends herself by stating that she doesn’t want to buy him.

Abhi hears Pragya’s statement that Tanu wants to sell him to her, but she doesn’t wish to buy him. This upsets Abhi further, and he continues to get drunk while walking on the road. On the other side, Pragya assumes that Abhi is worrying about her.

At the lunch table, the guests shower praises on Rhea for her excellent cooking. Pallavi gets upset when Prachi arrives without the ‘Cholle’. As soon as the guests leave, she lashes out at Prachi and asks her to learn a few things from Rhea, who has proven herself to be an ideal daughter-in-law. She also tells Daljeet that it is time she blesses Rhea as she deserves it. Rhea puts on an act and defends Prachi by asking Pallavi to let it go.

Ranbeer arrives home and hugs Prachi, aware of how things had turned out at the lunch. However, Prachi expresses how happy she was to see Rhea defend her. She is certain that Rhea has changed for the better. Just then, she receives a call from her previous landlady and receives shocking news. Meanwhile, Pallavi vents her anger before Vikram, who also defends Prachi. When she begins to talk ill about Abhi, Vikram refuses to accept that Abhi betrayed him.

Ranbeer and Prachi’s car bumps into Abhi, leaving them worried. While Prachi is busy tending to his wounds, he reveals that his current wife has sold him to his ex-wife.

Before losing consciousness, Abhi tells Ranbeer and Prachi about the deal Tanu is trying to strike with Pragya. They rush him to the hospital where the doctor gives them grave news.

Aaliya is surprised to see Sushma at the door and tries to stop her from striking a deal with Tanu. Sushma refuses to go behind Pragya’s back and to safeguard her from their evil intentions, keeps forth the condition that Pragya will sign a marriage contract with Abhi which will last for six months, and Tanu will receive the money. Aaliya objects to her brother being treated like a commodity but remains helpless when Tanu agrees to Sushma’s conditions. When Aaliya accuses Sushma of being a bad mother, she reminds her that a mother can sell herself to provide for her child, the least she can do for Pragya is buy Abhi. She asks Tanu to draw up the papers while her job will be to convince Pragya to sign them.

When the doorbell rings, Pragya assumes that it is Tanu but gets overwhelmed to see Prachi at the door. The mother-daughter duo shed a few tears, and Pragya praises Prachi’s changed look. She tells Prachi that she tried to look for her, but they weren’t with the Kohlis at the time. Prachi keeps her in the dark about the situation at the Kohli house and does not mention Rhea’s marriage to Siddharth. Prachi then explains how she found her address through her previous landlady.

When Prachi broaches the subject of Tanu’s deal, Pragya gets furious and refuses to give in to her request of letting Abhi come back into her life by telling her that there isn’t anything left between them. Just then, Sushma arrives home and introduces herself to Prachi. Prachi thanks her for taking care of Pragya all this while and continues to convince Pragya. She finally reveals that Abhi’s liver is damaged and explains the consequences of his alcoholism. She further tells her that she is the only one who can save him because he had lost his will to live after his Fuggi was gone.

Prachi pleads with Pragya to save her father for the sake of humanity. When she doesn’t react, Prachi demands to know if she wants to see Abhi dead. It enrages Pragya, and she raises her hand to slap her but stops herself. She breaks down and apologises to Prachi while agreeing to bring Abhi home. When Sushma suggests that Prachi stay the night, Prachi explains that nobody knows she is here, which will leave everyone worried at home.

Ranbeer informs Prachi that he has dropped Abhi home. When he expresses how disturbed he is with Abhi’s state, Prachi reassures him that Pragya has agreed to help him recover. She also asks him not to tell anyone at home about Tanu’s deal with Pragya. Meanwhile, Pragya tries to convince herself that she is doing everything for Prachi’s sake, and it is not something she wants to do.

Rhea’s heart begins to beat faster when she opens the door to the house and sees Ranbeer. He thanks her for helping Prachi and leaves for his bedroom, while Rhea gives him a look of yearning. Prachi stays back to tell Rhea that Pragya is alive, but she acts indifferent despite recollecting the painful memories of the past. She states that she is not ready to hear about the past, however deep inside realises that she still wants Ranbeer.

Tanu dreams about having a lot of money, while Alia and the rest try to steal it. When Abhi wakes up, she talks to him about her deal with Pragya. She reminds him that she is still with him, even though he doesn’t have any money and explains to him that the deal is a way for him to destroy Pragya. She keeps bringing up the past and incites him into getting revenge. She also discusses her plans of leaving Pragya penniless once gets the money from her and discloses the fact that Pragya has agreed to buy him for her own gains.

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