Pragya is surprised to see Tanu at her door and asks her to leave. However, Tanu offers her Abhi in exchange for money, but Pragya outright refuses her. Aaliya looks for Tanu when she arrives home and in her urgency, ends up uttering Gaurav’s name before Abhi. He begins to question her and demands to know how she came across him. In order to avoid revealing the truth, she brings up the past and tells him that she knows who caused their downfall.

Aaliya tells Abhi that it was Pragya who caused their downfall. It gets revealed that Mr Thapar had caused Abhi’s company to go bankrupt to be able to qualify as Sushma’s partners in business, while Sushma and Pragya were completely in the dark about it.

To get back what is hers, Alia decides to collude with the Thapars against Pragya. Abhi refuses to believe Aaliya half-truths and leaves the house. Pragya refuses to engage in any kind of deal with Tanu, who warns her that she might regret her decision as she is intent on selling Abhi.

After Tanu leaves, Pragya feels bad about Abhi being treated like a commodity, but Sushma reminds her that they have their own problems to deal with.

While leaving for work, Ranbeer bumps into Rhea and apologises to her. He also explains why he mistook her for Prachi and assures her that it will never happen again.

Prachi cheers up after speaking to her friend, Diya. Soon after, she gets summoned by Pallavi, who reminds her of her mistakes from the previous day and warns her to not make any at the upcoming lunch.

Pallavi chides Prachi and tells her to prove that she is a responsible daughter-in-law and impress the guests. Furthermore, she suggests a cooking competition of sorts between Rhea and Prachi and tells them to prepare ‘Cholle Bhature’, chickpea curry and fried bread. On hearing Pallavi, Daljeet asks Rhea if she knows how to cook, and Rhea confidently replies in the affirmative. Elsewhere, Abhi wanders around aimlessly and recounts Aaliya’s words about Pragya.

In the kitchen, Rhea dismisses the chef deputed by Pallavi to help her and states that she prefers to cook alone. While Prachi believes that there should be no competition between sisters, Rhea believes the opposite and plans to defeat her. Prachi starts preparing the curry and on spotting the spice bottle empty, she decides to borrow some from Rhea, but finds her missing from the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Sushma ponders over the lawyer’s suggestions and decides that Pragya should follow his advice, while Pragya is conflicted about it.

To Pragya’s shock, Sushma asks her to take up Tanu’s offer to resurrect her image before the society. Pragya refuses to treat Abhi like a commodity on moral grounds, but Sushma badgers her.

At the Kohli house, Prachi goes looking for Rhea and finds her getting a beauty treatment in her room. When Prachi leaves, Rhea reveals that she plans to order food from a hotel.

Meanwhile, Aaliya chides Tanu for visiting Pragya and Tanu confidently states that Pragya will accept her offer. However, Pragya tells Sushma that she won’t take the easy way out and will defeat Gaurav with an honest fight.

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