Teji speaks with Helper. She asks Pallavi if she will have tea? Pallavi says yes, make it for everyone and add ginger in Vikram’s tea. Teji says can I ask you something and says Ranbir wanted to marry with your wish then why did he marry with his wish and also left home for her. She says it is good that we came here and met everyone.

Pallavi asks her to tell clearly. Teji tells that she thought to ask, but then thought not to ask. She says you had sent wedding card of Ranbir to Shanno and says she told me that the bride name was Rhea Mehra, and asks if she is the same Rhea. Pallavi says yes, she is the one. Teji says she liked her choice and found Rhea to be best. She goes.

Dadi comes there and asks Pallavi if she is happy. She says two bahus have come and asks her to be happy. She says we shall give equal chance to both the bahus and says if you give them equal chance then they will feel good and think that you are giving them same importance. Pallavi asks her to attend the important call and goes.

Abhi walks behind Pragya. Pragya asks why is he following me? Abhi says it is my duty to follow you. She asks him to move. Abhi asks if you want to go through Staff lift. He says there is a separate lift for boss. She says yes, I want to go using this lift. She gets inside the lift. Abhi opens the door and gets inside. Nihaal tries to stop Pragya. Abhi asks if I will come using stairs and says it is my duty. She says I don’t want your service.

Abhi says if you are intelligent then if I am stupid. He says my notice period is going on and you will blame me that I didn’t do the work properly. He says I will feel bad if I don’t do my work and have to be around you. Pragya says I know how to go down in lift. Abhi says I heard someone that this lift is not working and needs repair and can fall at any time. He asks if you know how to save your life, in falling lift. Pragya is shocked.

Teji comes to Rhea’s room and calls her. Rhea says she was keeping clothes in cupboard. Teji says you are my favorite bahu. Rhea thanks her. Teji tells that all the kids are same for a mother, but it is not true. She tells Rhea that there are two bahus and you are my favorite bahu. She says Pallavi was high class and modern when she came here after marriage and you are like that. Rhea thanks her. Teji asks her to win the competition. Rhea asks competition? Teji says competition of best daughter-in-law and says whoever has the keys, that daughter-in-law has entire house in her hand, as she keeps them united. She asks her to focus and win the competition, says I am with you. Dadi hears her and gets upset.

Nihaal finds the board on floor. He asks someone to call the technician. Pragya asks why didn’t you tell me? Abhi says I was about to tell, but you didn’t let me speak. They come closer seeing the light flicker. Abhi tells that I am going to the concert. He says I lied that this lift is not fine, and it came true. Pragya says whatever we speak comes true in a day and says she is stuck in this situation due to him. Abhi says I will save you. Nihaal tries to open the lift. Abhi tells himself that everything is fine.

Pragya says you are scared. Abhi says I am bodyguard and asks why did she shout? She asks him to call receptionist and tell that they are stuck in the lift. Abhi says I don’t have the number due to you. He says if you become good boss then will get good service. He says you used to be my assistant when I was rockstar and then you made me move from that number 1 position. He asks do you remember and says you are khadoos. Pragya says you are chichore/cheap to marry the woman you hate, else you are a lier. Abhi says we are about to lose our lives and you are still bothered about that. Pragya says I will moved on and will not discuss my past.

Abhi says moved on. He tries to call manager and says there was no network. The light flickers. Abhi and Pragya get scared, but pretend not to get scared. He tries to break the door and asks Pragya to shout for help, being the boss. Pragya shouts for help. Nihaal and peon hear the voice. He tells that they are trying to open the lift and asks her not to worry. Abhi tells Pragya that half lift is stuck between two floors. Pragya asks why are you scaring me.

Nihaal and Peon open the door and asks Abhi and Pragya to climb up. Abhi climbs up holding Nihaal’s hand. He asks Pragya to give her hand and says he will pull up. Pragya recalls that he tried to kill her last time and tells that she repented when he held his last time. Abhi says this lift can fall down at anytime and asks her to think about her daughter etc.

Dida comes to Prachi’s room and tells that she will change the cushion. Prachi says you shouldn’t have talked about keys and says you are the elder bahu of the house and shall have the keys. Dida says your heart is big and says if you don’t have the keys, then how you will give to your daughter-in-law. She tells that respect and responsibility are connected with these keys and whoever handles this responsibility is respected and taken seriously by everyone. She says it is the crown of a daughter-in-law’s head.

Prachi says my mother used to tell that respect is earned. She tells that she don’t want to compete with Rhea, as she is her sister, tells that she can fight with her, but can’t compete. She says if I can give the keys to her happily. Dadi says Rhea must be thinking how to defeat you in this competition and says you have to win this competition.

Prachi says Rhea doesn’t think about me like this, she was immature before, now she is changed and matured. She says she is married now and not be thinking wrong about me.

Dadi asks her to remember that she is bahu first and Rhea’s sister later. She asks her to fulfill her responsibilities. Prachi says I shall keep Rhea happy too. Dida thinks she is not convinced about Rhea. Prachi asks what is she thinking? Dida says she is thinking what blessing to give her. Prachi says you should bless me to keep the family united. Dasi goes. Prachi looks at Ranbir and Abhi’s picture and hugs the photoframe.

Abhi asks Pragya to give her hand in his hand. He asks her to think who is dear to you. Pragya gives her hand in his hand. Abhi pulls her up and scolds her for showing tantrums at this time and says your ego is more than your life. She thinks he saved me, though I didn’t talk to him properly.

Abhi defends his actions before Satish, the garage manager, who advises him to keep his head down at the office. After playing carrom with his friends, Abhi heads home early as the rest of the family members had gone to a wedding. While thinking about the day’s events, a noise alerts him and he catches hold of Prachi’s hand through the window. Abhi ridicules her and asks her to leave by stating that he has begun working and doesn’t need her pity. Prachi tries to tell him about Rhea, but he doesn’t let her speak and wishes that they had never met.

Pragya returns home and tells Sushma about Abhi working as her PA. Sushma asks her to take advantage of the opportunity and humiliate him, but Pragya realises that Abhi had never done that to her. An overwhelmed Prachi arrives home and breaks down before Ranbeer. She explains to Ranbeer that she is crying happy tears as she got a chance to talk to Abhi and is relieved that he got a job.

Tanu and Alia return home, and Abhi tells them about his job and the people at Pragya’s office. The next morning, the Kohlis together perform a puja, and Prachi asks Rhea to give the aarti to Vikram in his room. Pallavi praises Daljeet for organising it but learns that it was Prachi’s idea. After everybody leaves, Daljeet tells Prachi that she deserves to win the house keys.

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