Pallavi, who is chiding Siddharth, asks Ranbeer to accompany him to the office when he and Prachi are passing by. Prachi stops him from saying anything to Pallavi. Later, she convinces him to let her go alone, while Siddharth remains perplexed, unable to understand what is going on.

At the hospital, Pragya is asked to get the medicines while a ward boy named Manish, who resides in Abhi’s chawl, recognises Abhi. He misconstrues the situation and assumes that Abhi was attacked, while the doctor tells Sushma that the police will have to be involved. However, Sushma deflects the situation when Pragya arrives with the medicines. Manish tries to call Tanu and Aaliya but is unable to speak to them and decides to go to their house. Meanwhile, everybody in the house panders to Tanu and try to convince her to share the money with them.

Prachi arrives at the hospital, where Pragya admits that she can’t see Abhi in such a state. Prachi then demands to know what happened two years ago. Pragya narrates the events following Prachi and Ranbeer’s wedding and pours her heart out.

Prachi asks Pragya to listen to her heart and not believe what she has seen or heard. She continues to narrate Abhi’s side of the story and explains how frantically he was looking for her after the accident. She reveals that he cut his ties with her because he thought she was responsible for his separation with Pragya and that Alia and Tanu were behind the losses incurred by Abhi’s company. Prachi expresses her suspicion that Aaliya and Tanu could be the ones who misguided her into believing that Abhi wanted her dead. This leads Pragya to recall the conversation she had with Alia when she found out that she was the one who betrayed her and Abhi. The doctor passes by who informs Pragya that Abhi is out of danger and she goes to see him.

At the chawl, Aaliya and the others squabble with Tanu for dividing the money, but Tanu refuses to do so. Mitali and Pammi then decide to steal the money. Pragya apologises to an unconscious Abhi and promises to be the Pragya he was looking for. Meanwhile, Prachi video calls Ranbeer and apprises him of what happened in the past with Pragya. Soon after, Rhea arrives at the office and overhears Prachi telling Ranbeer about the possibility of Pragya and Abhi reuniting, much to Rhea’s dismay.

When Ranbeer steps out of his cabin, Rhea pretends to be in pain and asks Ranbeer to check if something bit her on the nape of her neck. Ranbeer finds nothing, but Siddharth sees them together and questions them. After Rhea provides a satisfactory explanation, she hands over the file Vikram had asked her to give Ranbeer. Manish approaches Alia and tells her about Abhi having been hospitalised.

Aaliya asks after Abhi’s well-being while Manish expresses his suspicions. Prachi returns home and Ranbeer insists that she give him a hug. Later, he gives her a card declaring her as the best daughter and praises her efforts to reunite Abhi and Pragya. While Ranbeer’s praise overwhelms Prachi, Rhea overhears everything and begins to bubble in anger.

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