Ranbeer goes to Prachi’s room and talks to her about the past incident. He explains that he didn’t mean to hurt her and apologises to her for getting angry with her. Rhea gets angry to see Ranbeer going on his knees for Prachi and then cuddling Prachi.

Abhi tells Gaurav that he has seven avatars based on the seven vows of his marriage with Pragya. He reminds him of the day he had beaten him in the office as a bodyguard. Sushma assumes that Abhi is just pretending to be an upset husband, but Pragya feels that he is speaking out his mind. Gaurav tries to reason with Abhi, who asks him to search for his name on the internet. Gaurav is surprised at their old pictures online and Abhi asks him and his lawyer to leave. Sushma thanks Abhi for defending Pragya against Gaurav. However, Pragya has a feeling that Abhi has something in mind against her.

Rhea gets upset with Ranbeer and Prachi’s reconciliation and decides to do something big against her. Sushma packs a suitcase to go out for an important meeting. Pragya feels worried about her, but she asks her to calm down and stop worrying. Sushma says that she regrets not wanting her to be close to Abhi. She asks Pragya to trust Abhi only after she is sure that he is worth it. Pragya almost gets hurt when Abhi tries throwing a dart at the board. Abhi and Pragya lie to each other and try to keep away from each other.

Pragya thanks Abhi for defending her against Gaurav. However, she feels hurt when Abhi says that he is just providing her the services that she hired him for. Abhi and Pragya feel that both of them are showing attitude to each other. They decide to confront each other and then banter due to a minor accident. Ranbeer asks Prachi to call Pragya, who tells Prachi that Abhi is being difficult. Pragya gets worried when Prachi sounds stressed on the phone. Abhi sees Pragya talking to someone on the phone and gets to thinking about it.


Abhi is thinking who is on call that she is smiling? He thinks to go out and hide, so that he can come to know who is on call. Pragya looks for him and talks to Prachi. Prachi says Papa has a drinking habit. Pragya says drink is not allowed in the house. Abhi thinks Sushma is on call and thinks Pragya is talking about him. Prachi says she will get the reports and will show her. Pragya asks her not to tell him that she told her about him. She says he shouldn’t think that I brought him for sympathy.

Prachi ends the call. She asks Ranbir to help her and talk to Mummy. She says tomorrow is her first janamasthami and she wants everything to be fine and happy. She says Maa got doubtful that I am sad and asks him to talk to her, and asks her to forgive her. Ranbir says I have a condition, and asks if she will give him morning kiss to him. She says no and goes.

Sumit, Constable, and other friend talk about Abhi. Constable says Abhi’s heart is on the purse lady. Sumit says he is choosy and wants the queen. Sumit calls Abhi and asks him to come and drink with them. Abhi says I will send your address and asks them to come. Sumit tells the other friends. Abhi thinks it will be fun, as she told that wine is not allowed here.

Pallavi says she is fine. Dadi says Doctor is coming. Teji says you was shouting aloud. Pallavi says I over reacted and was feeling if Mummy ji would have fallen. She asks Dadi to cancel the Doctor and goes out. Ranbir and Prachi come there. Ranbir says mom, Prachi is really feeling sorry and apologizing to you. Pallavi says she don’t want any arguments. Ranbir asks her to give a chance to Prachi for him, to decorate for Janamasthami.

Rhea comes there. Pallavi tells her that Ranbir wants me to give another chance to Prachi. She says even you want to give her a chance. Rhea thinks no. Pallavi says I am giving her a chance due to Rhea, and Mummy ji. She says you shall not tell me that if I don’t give her responsibility then how she will become responsible. She takes the keys and says you didn’t earn it, I am giving this for just tonight. I am giving you full freedom for janamsthami and says you can take whatever you want from locker or the home, but nothing wrong should happen in the prayer. She gives the keys to her. Ranbir says all the best to Prachi.

Rhea gets angry and upset. Prachi thanks Rhea for saving her bad day from becoming worse. She says first you sent Ranbir to make me understand, and now you convinced mummy to give this responsibility to me. She asks Rhea if she will dance with her. Rhea says no.

Prachi says Ranbir told me that you danced well in college. Rhea thinks Ranbir remembers that I danced in college and says she used to dance during those times. Ranbir asks her to dance. Rhea says I will dance for Mummy’s happiness. Sid says Chachi will be happy that her two daughters-in-law will dance.

Teji didn’t get the chance to show her talent. Dida tells Prachi that she will teach her not to add laisan and onion in the bhog. Prachi says I know. Dida asks Prachi to make Panjiri as Pallavi likes it. Prachi says she will add many dry fruits. Teji tells Rhea that Prachi is trying to win Pallavi’s heart. Dadi goes to Pallavi. Rhea gets upset seeing Ranbir and Prachi.

Teji comes to Rhea and says Pallavi gave everything, forgiveness, chance and keys. She says I have the feeling that Pallavi snatched keys from you and gave to Prachi. She says you are very good, when Pallavi knows about love between the two sisters, then she would have given her keys. She says I will go as Prachi will make prasad with laisan and onion. Rhea goes to kitchen and recalls Dadi’s words not to add garlic and onion. She takes cashewnuts box and empties it, then adds garlic in it.

Sid comes there and asks Rhea what is she doing. Rhea gets tensed. Prachi comes and says shall I come later? Sid goes. Rhea asks her to carry on. Prachi starts making the sweets and finds garlic instead of cashewnuts. She thinks Soni had kept it in cashew box. She keeps the garlic in the fridge. Rhea sees Pallavi and goes from there.

Abhi’s friends come to Sushma’s house, think it is very big house, thinks if Abhi got job here. Constable says life will be set. Sumit says I am scared to ring the bell. They think to call Abhi and call him outside. Constable says Abhi might be doing prank on us and bet with them. Abhi opens the door and asks them to give 300 rs for losing the bet.

Abhi opens the door and smiles. Sumit, constable and other friend get surprised. They ask how is he here? Abhi asks them to give 300 Rs for the bet. They all give 100 each. Abhi says you have no idea, what you will get in this money. Constable asks what are you doing here? Abhi says they will play carom board. Sumit says if the owner feels bad.

Abhi says I will not feel bad and tells that this is my wife’s house. His friends ask if his wife was rich, but she doesn’t look like that. Abhi says his wife is changed and says now his wife is not purse theft, but have the purse.

Prachi makes the prasad and goes. Rhea comes there and adds crushed garlic in the prasad.

Sid comes there and asks Rhea what is she doing here? Sid says I came to drink water. He asks where was you? Rhea says my phone is ringing and goes. Sid sees the phone in her hand and gets shocked.

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