Rhea goes to her room, while Teji calls her. Rhea sits on the bed and thinks of Ranbir. She thinks what is happening to me, why I couldn’t control my feelings for him. She says I kept my emotions in control since 2 years, but when you are near me, I can’t keep it under control. She says she feels that this is the truth, she feels as if he is praising her, his touch and feeling makes her mad, which she can’t forget. She says I will remember that you have left me on the Temple and hurt me, but I also remember that you had left due to Prachi, she trapped you. She says you wanted to marry me, but she trapped you. She says when you hugged me in kitchen, I couldn’t sleep and was thinking if it happened mistakenly.

She says I want to hold your hand with love and wants to hug you, not by mistake. She says I want to tell you I love you so much and wants you to say that I am your world. She says I just wants us to unite, and then there will be no Prachi between us. She thinks of Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage etc. She says when he was with her, she had a wish to live, and now she got her purpose of life. She says I will snatch you from my sister.

Teji is standing outside and tries to hear Rhea. Prachi knocks on the door and then tries to open the window. Rhea says I will do the same thing, I will steal your husband and says it doesn’t matter, whose wife I am and Ranbir is whose husband, but one thing matters, that I want Ranbir. She says I want Prachi’s destiny and I will write Ranbir’s destiny with mine. Ranbir comes out of the bathroom and thinks where is Prachi.

Prachi calls Rhea and thinks she felt as if she is old Rhea infront of me. She calls her again and knocks on the window. Rhea is still lost in thoughts to snatch Ranbir from Prachi.

Tanu behaves rudely with the staff at Pragya’s house and orders them around. On seeing her attitude, Alia once again requests Tanu to back out of the deal for Abhi’s sake, but Tanu remains stubborn. Alia also accuses Tanu of misleading Abhi, but Tanu pays no heed to her and asks her not to interfere.

Soon, Pragya and Sushma approach the due and Sushma asks if her conditions have been included in the contract. The clause stating that Pragya and Abhi will need to give two months’ notice before terminating the contract or else pay a fine of INR six crore shocks Pragya. Adding to Pragya’s shock, Alia reveals that Pragya and Abhi are still legally married and that the pundit who had solemnized their wedding could act as a witness in the court if need be.

When Pragya enquires about Abhi’s consent for the deal, Tanu summons him to Pragya’s house. Meanwhile, Rhea puts on act in front of Prachi, and fools Prachi into believing that her love is real. All the while, Rhea harbours a deep dislike for Prachi and resolves to separate her and Ranbeer. When Abhi turns up at Pragya’s house, Tanu asks him if he is ready to do Pragya’s bidding or not.

Pragya tries to express her true intentions to Abhi, but Tanu doesn’t let her get a word in edgewise. On being questioned by Sushma, a misguided Abhi puts himself down and accuses Pragya of playing with his feelings. He reminds Pragya of the feelings they both possessed when they married for the first time, and how her views about marriage have changed over time.

Abhi expresses his views about marriage and the way things have changed for him. He tries to blame everything on Pragya and she quietly listens to everything. A vengeful Abhi tells Pragya that he will try and get even with her after this. Abhi applies vermilion to Pragya’s forehead, which makes them both emotional. Sushma, Tanu and Alia keep looking at them and everyone remains speechless.

Prachi goes to her room and tells Ranbeer about Rhea running to her room as she feels nauseous. Sushma questions Tanu when she asks the lawyer to bring the agreement papers. She says that it is not necessary as they are already married. Alia says that it will safeguard everyone’s interest. Abhi replies that it will help them both remember that the prenuptial agreement has to last only for six months. Sushma tells Abhi that he will have to be a good husband to prolong the agreement.

Before signing the papers, Abhi warns Pragya that this deal may not be as fruitful as she expects. Pragya reminds Abhi that she is a woman of her words and does not fear her losing anything for it. Abhi prepares to secretly harass Pragya to take revenge on her. Sushma feels better thinking that Gaurav will be harmless for Pragya if Abhi pretends to be a good husband in public. Pragya thinks that she is letting Abhi get close to her again only for Prachi. Later, Sushma hands over the money demanded by Tanu.

Ranbeer teases Siddharth when he sees him talking to Prachi. Surpringly, Rhea arrives there and Ranbeer begins to praise her. Prachi reminds Ranbeer that Siddharth is feeling hurt and he should stop now. Ranbeer says that he is doing it only to make Siddharth feel how his actions have hurt him. Ranbeer clarifies that he was praising Rhea only to tease Siddharth, but she says that he can always praise as she likes it. Pallavi thanks Prachi for her remedy as it helped her get rid of acidity. She offers to help Prachi and asks her to give her best to make arrangements for Janmashtami celebration. Prachi falls off a ladder because of an envious Rhea, but Ranbeer saves her.

Sushma hands over two suitcases full of money for buying Abhi to Tanu and Alia. Tanu thanks Abhi after accepting the money and he asks her whether this is his value. She replies that it is just the rent for having him for six months and asks him to think about his value if he had to be sold off for a lifetime. Alia and Tanu ask Abhi to come home with them but he reminds them that he belongs to Pragya since he signed the agreement. Tanu asks Abhi to come out for a while and tells him to be careful of Pragya. He says that he will not fall for Pragya again but Alia says that he always says so. Abhi playfully tells Sushma that he will address her as his mother-in-law.

Sushma gets surprised when Abhi asks her to make arrangements for ‘Griha Pravesh’. She walks away when he questions her about meeting Pragya. Abhi plans to find out the truth behind the change in Pragya.

Meanwhile, Prachi falls off a ladder because of Rhea, but Ranbeer saves her buy taking her into his arms. Rhea pretends to be sorry and shows concern for Prachi. Siddharth and Ranbeer fail to notice Rhea’s true intentions as Prachi gets emotional.

After they leave, Siddharth and Ranbeer discuss that they hadn’t seen Rhea and Prachi so happy earlier. Prachi prepares to change the clothes of the Lord Krishna idol to prepare for the ‘Janmashtami’ celebration.

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