Pragya returns to her room upon seeing the mess created by Abhi and his friends, who are left with the impression that she is angry. Teji and Rhea return with the newly-made offering, and Pallavi begins with the prayer. However, towards the end of the prayer, the railing comes off the swing, but Prachi manages to catch Lord Krishna’s idol before it could hit the ground.

The instance leaves Vikram furious, and he explains how important the occasion of Janmashtami is to Daljeet and the Kohlis. He lashes out at Pallavi for giving such a huge responsibility to someone as careless as Prachi and apologises to the guests for spoiling their celebrations. Furthermore, he asks Arun to take him back to his room.

Gaurav comes looking for Aaliya at the chawl and demands answers from her. Alia confirms that Pragya is Abhi’s wife and how a technicality foiled their attempt to ruin Pragya. She assures him that she will see him the next day and explain the entire situation to him. After Gaurav leaves, she asks Tanu to thank her for saving her from him. Tanu justifies her actions and awaits the time when Abhi would begin to exact his revenge. Alia dismisses her hopes as wishful thinking.

Daljeet tries to calm Pallavi down by stating that the puja was complete before the mishap occurred and hence, nothing has gone wrong. However, a furious Pallavi berates Prachi in front of the guests by calling her a failure and asks her to give the keys back. She then hands them to Rhea and gives her the responsibility of managing the household. She asks Prachi to go to her room and not come out until the guests have left while she goes to see Vikram.

When Ranbeer follows after Prachi, Rhea is left disgruntled. Ranbeer offers a tissue to Prachi and asks her to take a break from her household duties. He offers to take her out for a drive but when she refuses, offers to take her to see Pragya.

Ranbir tells Prachi that they will go to her mummy’s house, and will give Papa’s reports to her. He says my mummy asked you to stay in the room, so you can’t go out. He wipes her tears and says you are looking beautiful, and I feel that I will fall in love with you again. He says my Radha.

Prachi hugs him. Alok takes Vikram to the room. Pallavi comes there and apologizes to him. Vikram says I am not upset with you, but upset with myself as I can’t help you in the arrangements and will support you in every situation. She asks if you are not upset with me. Vikram says I am upset as you gave keys to Prachi, I know that Ranbir might have asked you to forgive Prachi. He says I understand your situation and I wish Prachi would have understand your situation and would have matured. He says I am thinking that if Prachi is really doing these mistakes. Pallavi asks what do you mean?

Dadi checks the cradle and thinks someone as cut the railing intentionally, so that when someone moves the cradle then the bal gopal can  fall. Pallavi asks what do you mean, that she is not doing these mistakes mistakenly. Vikram says I want to say if she is doing by mistake or intentionally. He says people forgets to add salt in food, or adds more chilli powder, but who adds garlic in the prasad. Dida thinks Prachi couldn’t add garlic in prasad and thinks she had told this to Prachi when Rhea was standing. She goes to Rhea and asks her to come with her.

Vikram says she is doing this for revenge. Pallavi says she wants to ruin our name in society. Vikram says that’s why I said that I will support you fully. Pallavi says how we will make Ranbir understand. Vikram says let few more days gets over, Ranbir will be able to see what we are seeing.

Prachi comes to Pragya’s house and hugs her. Pragya says you are looking very beautiful. Prachi says janamasthami. Ranbir comes there and greets Pragya. Pragya says she can see how he takes care of Prachi. Ranbir also praises Pragya for bringing Abhi home and taking care of her. He thanks her for giving her understanding daughter’s hand in his hand. He gives Abhi’s report to her. Prachi says his liver is damaged and if he drinks more…

Pragya says he started drinking since he came. Prachi asks him to kick out wine from his life. Prachi asks if he is drinking now. Pragya says he called his friends and drinking with them. She says I can’t let him drink. Prachi says I am sure that you will handle him. Ranbir says I will take care of Prachi and asks her to tell her to go on a drive with him. Pragya asks her to go on a drive with him and not to worry about them. Prachi asks her to call her. Pragya asks them to go and have fun. They leave.

Pragya thinks he had enough of his party, now I know what shall I do. Abhi writes on the scoreboard as they play. Abhi gives zero to Gattu. Amit comes to play and drops the bottle. Sumit turns come and he also breaks the bottle.

Abhi says Amit and Sumit, both got zero point. He asks Gattu if he will win. Gattu starts walking and the bottle falls down. Abhi says your score is zero and names him Gaurav. He says round no. 3 is saree. His friends walk wearing saree. Pragya comes there and gets angry. Abhi waves her hi. Amit says Bhabhi came.

Abhi says you might be angry that saree is ruined, and says she has so much money, that she will buy the men too. Pragya holds his hand and takes him from there.

Dida takes Rhea to room. Rhea asks what happened? If you are upset. Dida says I know and want to hear from you. Rhea says if someone said something to you. Dida says when I told Prachi not to add garlic in prasad, you was there and it was clear that someone cut the railing of the cradle.

Rhea admits that she did this and asks her to find out why? Dida says you did this to take revenge from her and hates her. Rhea says yes, this is what you wanted to hear, and says there is no solution for doubt. She says how to prove that I love my sister so much just like she loves me. She says I know you don’t love me and hates me and asks if you don’t think that we are sisters and have a same mother. She says I am not jealous of her and loves her. She says whatever I told that I made the cradle fall and added garlic in prasad, and you accepted it, as you don’t trust me. She says I am changed, I am good daughter-in-law, sister etc. She says I love my sister a lot and I am not old Rhea, and don’t make me become like old Rhea, I am trying to make everything fine. She asks her to help her.

Dadi falls in her trap and holds her hand. Rhea smirks and says thank you Dida. Sid comes there and asks Rhea to come, as everyone is asking about her. Rhea takes the keys and goes. Dida asks Sid to come inside and asks if he is happy with this marriage. Rhea hears them. Sid says he is happy and Rhea is also happy. Dida prays for his happiness.

Abhi asks Pragya why did she bring him here, and asks what my friends will think? He says they don’t know that we are old husband and wife and says I will go and finish my drink, else my friends will drink. Pragya says let them drink, but you will not drink more. Abhi says you talked like middle class people and says you are stopping me to drink as it is costly wine.

Pragya says I am not stopping you to drink due to money. She says I don’t like it. He asks why bar is set? Pragya says it is for occasional drinking. She asks did you see the condition of hall. Abhi says you have problem with my friends and me. He says I will go out tomorrow with my friends and drink. Pragya says you will not go anywhere. He asks what?

Abhi asks Pragya to bear him and his friends today and he will go out with his friends tomorrow and drink. Pragya says you can’t go out anywhere without my permission. He says you are my wife and not my boss. She runs behind him and says I am trying to make you better. He says even I will try to make you better and says your mogambo giri will not work here. She asks if I am mogambo.

Abhi says yes, you was always mogambo. Pragya says I will stop you from drinking. He says it is in the contract that you will not interfere in my work and says you are jealous of my happiness. He says whatever you do, I will do opposite. Pragya gets a phone call. He asks her to pick the call and goes to drink. Pragya picks Prachi’s call.

Prachi asks if Papa drink again? Pragya says when I tried to stop him, he insisted to drink more. She says I will go and stop him. Ranbir tells Prachi that you was never stubborn like a wife. Prachi hopes her mother stops her father from drinking.

Pragya comes to the kitchen and tells Aanchal that she has to do bawaal/drama. Aanchal asks her to let them enjoy and says you are not typical wife. She says I don’t want any voice to come. Pragya gets an idea and asks her to pick all the cockroaches and bring it in the hall. Aanchal says I think you shall not do this? Pragya says your salary will be doubled. Aanchal says okay and goes.

Abhi thinks Pragya might be troubled and thinking to take revenge. He thinks why she didn’t come till now, the phone call was longer. His friends sit with finger on their mouths. Abhi asks them to drink. Sumit says we will not want Bhabhi to feel troubled due to us. Gattu says we will apologize to her. Abhi asks them not to drink. Pragya comes there with Aanchal.

Aanchal is holding the cockroaches jar. Sumit says Bhabhi brought achaar for us. Aanchal opens the box and all the cockroach start spreading. Abhi asks Pragya if she is not getting sleep. Pragya says now your sleep will be gone. She says cockroach. Abhi says they are my friends. Abhi finds cockroach on his shirt and gets up shouting. Pragya also gets scared and climbs on the sofa. She shouts for Aanchal. Abhi also climbs on the sofa. They ask Aanchal to save them and argue. Aanchal sees lizard and runs. Abhi’s friends run out.

Abhi comes back to Pragya and asks her to come with him, as lizard will become Godzilla. Anchal says I saw lizard going out.

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