When Ranbeer goes into the kitchen to make tea for Prachi, Rhea lashes out at Prachi for wanting to see Abhi and Pragya together and asks her to stop interfering in peoples’ lives. When Ranbeer returns with the tea, Prachi doesn’t tell him about Rhea’s words and fears that the Rhea from two years ago has returned.

Aaliya rushes to the hospital but learns that Abhi had been discharged as per his request. Aaliya reassures Manish and asks him not to tell Tanu about it. She then apologises for getting annoyed with him when he was only trying to help them.

Aaliya is overjoyed to see Rhea, who questions her for letting Abhi go to Pragya. Rhea vents her anger and talks about her loveless marriage. Aaliya tries to calm her down and promises to give her Ranbeer as well as to not let Pragya and Abhi get back together. Rhea keeps repeating that she can’t live without Ranbeer and how it burns her to Prachi and Ranbeer together as husband and wife. Pallavi’s call compels Rhea to leave while Aaliya reassures her that she will give her everything she wants.

Aaliya returns home to find Baljeet giving an earful to Mitali and Pammi for trying to steal the money.

An annoyed Aaliya ends up telling them about Abhi having been hospitalised while Tanu overhears everything.

Manish tells Tanu the truth when she offers him money. Having found an opportunity, Tanu resolves to make Pragya’s life miserable and foil Alia’s plan to bring Abhi home. Meanwhile, the nurse gives Abhi an injection so that he can sleep peacefully. While she lovingly looks at him, Abhi opens his eyes momentarily and Pragya assures him that she will be by his side. Sushma witnesses everything while standing at the door.

Prachi chides Ranbeer and Siddharth for discussing work at the breakfast table. When she is on her way to Vikram’s room, Rhea stops her and apologises to her for her outburst. She puts on an act that convinces Prachi that all she wants is love from her family, and Prachi promises to be always by her side.

Siddharth questions Rhea when she doesn’t even acknowledge him at the breakfast table while she feigns offence by stating that he is suspicious of her. However, they are interrupted by Ranbeer’s arrival. Alia goes to Pragya’s house to meet Abhi, but she is left surprised when Tanu arrives there as well.

Tanu summons her lawyer Mr Kukreja and threatens to put Pragya in jail. She tells Sushma that she is here to crush Pragya’s pride and to make her realise that she isn’t invincible. She demands to see Abhi and asks Mr Kukreja to explain to Pragya why they are here. Tanu and Alia head to Abhi’s room while Mr Kukreja asks Pragya to get her own copy of the contract.

At the office, Ranbeer asks Siddharth if everything’s fine. When Siddharth seems reluctant to reveal what’s troubling him, Ranbeer tries to compel him. Eventually, he agrees to discuss it with him at home.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and locks the door. Abhi is sleeping. Tanu takes his pictures and thinks she shall make his video. She keeps the video on and asks pinch him to wake up. He wakes up and says you are here. Tanu says Pragya had pushed you and says I am with you and will expose Pragya’s true face. Abhi asks her to go. Tanu says now see what I will do with Pragya, I will make her suffer. Abhi is drowsy due to medicine effect and sleeps again.

Aaliya confronts Tanu for hurting Abhi. Tanu says we are poor as you didn’t take any action on time, and work hard to stand for water pipe line. Aaliya asks her to come to point. Tanu says we have so much cash and risked the person whom I wanted in my life. She says she has took the risk and has won. She reminds her the contract clause in which Pragya has to give 60,000,000 and 2 months notice.

Aaliya says I want to take Abhi from here, lets do it. Tanu asks her to wait and says if you help me, then we will benefit. She says I will talk, you shall stay silent. Aaliya says if you help me to bring Abhi back, then I will help you. She says we shall start afresh. Tanu says we shall shake hands again to make team against Pragya. They shake hand and smirk.

The Lawyer asks Pragya to read point no 52 and asks her to see if it is in her copy. Pragya reads and gets shocked.

Tanu comes there and asks did you read all the points, it seems you have read seeing your face. Sushma asks why you want me to read. Aaliya says so that you can’t stop him when we take him. Tanu threatens that she will take Abhi from here. Pragya says you can’t do this. Tanu says if you will harm me, then will I look on, and tells that she has sold her husband and not her shame. She says she has recorded his condition in her mobile and says Aaliya has filed FIR against you for attempt to murder. Aaliya shouts Tanu.

Tanu says you have done right being the sister. Aaliya thinks to support her. Tanu says Police will be coming here soon and says more than molestation charges, murder charges are more. Sushma says he was drunk and fell. Pragya says there was no wine at home. Aaliya says both are saying different. Tanu says they have planned to kill Abhi.

Sushma asks them to go and meet in the court. The Lawyer says you shall not interfere as you was not here. Sushma says when I came here, I saw Abhi unconscious. Tanu says I know that she must have cried and shouted and says why you didn’t police complaint. She says he might have died, then why you haven’t filed the complaint. Abhi wakes up and recalls Tanu asking him to see what she does with Pragya. He gets up and sits down again. He recalls Pragya’s concern for him and thinks he shall be near her, Tanu is upto something. He says I am coming. Tanu asks why you didn’t file police complaint that he fell down. She says Doctors treat patient well when they come to know that Police case is filed.

Aaliya says you want to harm Abhi. Sushma says if Pragya wanted then she wouldn’t have taken him to hospital. Aaliya says Pragya took him to hospital so that everyone think it as an accident. Tanu says Pragya planned to kill him since 2 years and I have been keeping karwachauth fast for his safety. She says my fasts has saved Abhi else Pragya had planned fully. Pragya asks her to be quiet!

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