Abhi falls down and faints again. Pragya senses something happened to him and runs upstairs. She goes to Abhi and lifts him. She takes him to bed and asks him to rest. Abhi holds her hand and says I love you. Pragya says he must be dreaming and covers blanket on him. She goes downstairs.

Sushma says this is not the courtroom where the Judge will give the verdict. She says we both know what you want and asks them to take 30,000,000 and leave. Aaliya says 60,000,000 and whispers to Tanu, if she wants to say this. Tanu says I just want my husband.

Pragya comes back and says he will not go anywhere, tell me what amount you want. Tanu says if Abhi can’t come with me then I have to stay here with all the family. Sushma gets angry and says you will stay here with family. Tanu says I have to stay here with Abhi with all the family to save Abhi from Pragya. She says I will get the attempt to murder charges moved from you. Sushma asks her to leave. Pragya says come with everyone tomorrow morning, I can bear you all here, but can’t bear to see him in basti. Tanu smirks and asks Aaliya to come. Tanu, Aaliya and Lawyer leave.

Ranbir comes to Sid. Sid asks if the meeting is over. Ranbir says meeting went well and says few things hurt. Sid asks what happened? Ranbir says I am feeling pain in my kidney. Sid says I will call doctor. Ranbir says I will be fine and says you shall call Prachi. He says when I am worried for her, I get heart pain and when I am worried about you, I feel problem in my kidney. Sid says you are making me mad, I am going.

Ranbir says you are leaving, leaving me in this pain. Sid says you are dramebaaz and asks what happened? Ranbir asks him to share his problem and asks what is going on. Sid hugs Ranbir. He says it is all about Rhea. Rhea comes there and hears them. Sid says between us…

Rhea comes inside and calls Sid. She asks when did you come, you came home and haven’t met me. She says you have forgotten me so soon. She says I think I have disturbed you and goes. Sid says I think I shall talk to her. Rhea hears them and goes. Sid goes behind her.

Aaliya asks Tanu what is going on in her mind and says you would have told me, if you have changed the plan. She says you said I don’t want money, we want to come home. Tanu says you thinking is small and says you want her 60 millions and I want her 6 billions and more. She says I want to snatch her money and make her poor! She says we have to stay in her house to get her treasure. Aaliya says it is not easy.

Tanu says you can wait for Gaurav, till then I will go and tell everyone about this good news. She goes inside and tells Mitali, Dadi and Tai ji that they will go and stay in Abhi’s house. Mitali says this is Abhi’s house only. Tanu asks where Abhi is staying now?

Tanu tells everyone that they will stay with Abhi in Pragya’s house. Mitali gets happy. Tai ji asks really? Aaliya says we will go to Pragya’s house tomorrow. Dadi also gets happy. Mitali says I was breaking the lock unnecessarily and dances. Tanu thinks they will not think her less than a God, as she gave them the biggest happiness.

Pragya comes to Sushma and asks if you was about to sleep. Sushma says no. Pragya says you didn’t tell me anything and asks if she is upset with her. Sushma says here, you knocked at the door and asking for permission, but there you didn’t talk to me and took the decision. She says you know Aaliya and Tanu better and tells that they will trouble you. Pragya says she just wants to be with Abhi.

Sushma says did you forget what he had done with you in past. Pragya says my perception is changed now, he had not done anything. Sushma says Prachi told you and you agreed. Pragya tells that she has given him benefit of doubt and tells that she is sure that Aaliya and Tanu misunderstood her and showed me what they wanted. She says I was very angry then and couldn’t understand. Sushma says your heart overpowered your mind.

Pragya says she can see everything clearly now and both heart and mind are asking her to stay with Abhi and take care of him. Sushma says when you have thought then what I can do. Pragya says I will keep Tanu and Aaliya in control and tells that when I came here, I came here for revenge. She says when I saw them, I thought they have nothing so she shouldn’t take revenge. She says now they have money and home, I should get revenge on them.

Rhea thinks Sid is talking about me with Ranbir and thinks what to do. Sid comes there. Rhea acts to be teary eyes and says I thought what you said in the morning. She says you told that I talk to everyone nicely, but not you. She says you said that you don’t exist in the room, then why I am here. She says I was waiting for you and called you, but the call couldn’t be connected. She says I was happy when you came early from office, but I hate you Siddharth. Sid looks on.

Ranbir comes to his room and rests on Prachi’s lap. Prachi asks what happened today, you didn’t take off your watch today. He takes it out. She asks what is the matter? He says he himself don’t know.

Prachi sees Cockroach and gets scared. Ranbir also gets scared, seeing the flying cockroach, which falls on bed and then vanishes somewhere. Prachi says if I was sleeping in night, then it will come and sit on my hand. Ranbir says it has gone. Prachi asks him to prove that he has caught cockroach and asks him to take a picture. She asks him to leave her hand and goes to Dadi room.

Ranbir says first she used to hug me and now she ran away. He thinks how to catch the cockroach and looks for it. He thinks he has to sleep alone today.

Sid asks when you hate me so much then why are you here in my room? Rhea says I didn’t feel this before, which I am feeling now. She says I feel that you don’t respect me and our marriage. Sid asks her not to tell this. Rhea says I will tell what is truth and what I feel, on your face and will not talk like my behind. Sid asks when did I say?

Rhea says I heard you talking to Ranbir. He says Ranbir is my brother. Rhea says did I tell Prachi that you torture me a lot. He asks do I torture you? She says yes, mental torture. She says don’t let your partner feel low and then you was talking bad about me. She says if you can one thing then do it, and asks him to take pillow and sleep, give me some space. She says if I go out, then everyone will ask me, and if everyone ask you then you can make work excuse. She asks him to do this for me and asks him not to go to Ranbir and Prachi and cry complaining about her.

Sid goes out. Rhea smiles and closes the door. She thinks this feels so good, finally I will sleep on this bed alone. She thinks she felt suffocated with Siddharth, took she will take Ranbir’s name and will sleep peacefully. He says I don’t like you Siddharth, but you gave me a good idea to get close to Ranbir. She hears Prachi and Dadi talking about cockroach in the former’s room.

Dadi says I will walk and then we will sleep in my room. Rhea thinks Prachi is sleeping in Dida’s room and Ranbir is alone in his room. She thinks even destiny wants this, now Ranbir started talking to me, will care for me slowly and like me too. She says I will go and tell Ranbir that she is trapped in bad marriage, Sid doesn’t love her. She thinks Ranbir will care for her, love her and will be mine. She thinks love happens this way.

Ranbir is still searching for cockroach and asks where are you? He thinks to tell her that the cockroach went out and thinks she will come. Rhea comes there and asks where is Prachi? Ranbir says Prachi saw Cockroach and went to sleep in Dadi’s room.

Rhea says Prachi is lucky that she got you as her husband. Ranbir says I am lucky to get wife like Prachi. Rhea starts crying. He asks what happened? Rhea says I wanted to marry you, don’t take me otherwise, I am telling which couldn’t happen. She says don’t take me wrong.

Ranbir says you shall not think wrong and says I love Prachi and married her. Rhea says what about my dreams and tells that I dreamt to marry you, but I got married to Siddharth. She says the marriage between Sid and me is very strange, as we are strangers to each other. She says neither of us know about each other and says I am not talking bad about him, he is a good man, but we don’t know about each other. She says when we are in the room, our silence asks us, why did we marry? She says I shouldn’t talk about this with you, but can’t hide these feelings. She asks him not to think her wrong and says Siddharth is sleeping outside. She says if mummy sees him sleeping outside, then she will think that I have done mistake. She says I have done mistakes in past and nobody wants to accept this new Rhea.

Ranbir asks her not to cry and wipe her tears. He asks her not to cry and says I don’t like to see you crying. He wipes her tears. He says I will talk to Sid and will make him understand. Rhea says you will talk to him, as he is your brother, but if I am nothing to you. Ranbir says I will talk to him. Rhea says you can’t talk to him. Ranbir says I really need to talk to him, it is about your life.

Rhea says if you talk to him then things might go wrong and he might think that I have complained about him and said bad things about him. Ranbir says you didn’t say anything wrong about him. Rhea gives him Prachi’s swear and says don’t talk to Sid, if you talk to him then situation can get worse. She asks him to promise that he will not say anything to Sid.

Ranbir holds her hand and says ok. He says I promise that I will not talk to Sid about this. Rhea thanks him and says I know that only you can understand me. She thanks him and goes. Ranbir thinks I will not talk to Sid, but will do something to make them become happy couple like Prachi and me.


Abhi’s family arrives outside Pragya’s house with their bags. Pragya asks Shagun to open the door before anybody could ring the doorbell. Tanu and Aaliya enter the house with the intention of destroying Pragya and taking everything away from her, while Pragya is glad about the fact that she gets to play her game with her own rules.

Pragya warmly welcomes Baljeet, whereas Mitali and Pammi are left in awe of Pragya’s house. She takes Baljeet to see Abhi, and Baljeet puts Pragya at ease by stating that she knows the circumstances under which Abhi got hurt.

Pragya apologises for her rude behaviour the last time she visited their house, but Baljeet asks her to focus on the present. She also reveals that she knows why Pragya bought Abhi from Tanu.

Abhi wakes up and begins to bicker with Pragya. When Abhi questions her about Baljeet staying in the house, Pragya surmises the events of the previous day while Baljeet quips in stating that Pragya agreed to let them in the house to prevent them from taking him away. Meanwhile, Tanu and Alia discuss their ploy, and Sushma overhears them.

Baljeet comes across the prayer room and prays for Abhi and Pragya’s well-being. Sushma expresses her happiness at having found a well-wisher for Pragya upon hearing her prayers. In turn, Baljeet thanks her for helping and guiding Pragya when she was left absolutely alone. However, Pragya’s arrival interrupts their conversation.

At the Kohli house, Rhea wakes up in a good mood and is certain of the fact that Ranbeer will gradually fall for her and that it is only a matter of time. While appreciating the rain, she is confident that Ranbeer is thinking about her. It turns out that Ranbeer is actually thinking about Siddharth and Rhea’s relationship.

Prachi soon catches up to his mood and tells him that she is sure of the fact that Siddharth loves Rhea. When Ranbeer doesn’t believe her, she suggests he ask Siddharth about it himself.

Rhea begins to dance thinking about the moments spent with Ranbeer. Daljeet sees her dancing and dismisses all her fears regarding Siddharth and Rhea’s marriage. Later, when Vikram and Daljeet head to the study, they are shocked to find Siddharth sleeping on the floor. Siddharth explains that he dozed off while working until late in the night. However, Daljeet remains unconvinced.

Soon after, she sees Rhea joking with Ranbeer and notices the awkward air between her and Siddharth as soon as he arrives at the breakfast table. Fearing that it could ruin their family, Daljeet decides to speak to Prachi about it hoping that she is wrong. Prachi and Rhea both notice that Daljeet is upset about something, and the latter begins to pretend to be nice to Siddharth.

Sushma cautions Pragya and Baljeet about Tanu and Aaliya’s bad intentions.

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