At the breakfast table, Abhi’s family members chide Shagun for fun. Once they are alone, Tanu and Aaliya discuss how to keep Baljeet on their side so as not to lose their hold over Abhi. Pammi resolves to deploy the tactics she learnt during their stay at the chawl and assures everyone of succeeding in driving a wedge between Baljeet and Pragya.

Sushma comes across a furious Pragya, who explains that she saw Gattu handing over the liquor bottles to Abhi in the CCTV footage. Suspecting that something is off, Pragya calls Sumit who reveals that it was Tanu who sent the bottles. Annoyed with Tanu, Pragya goes to her room and warns her to not let her efforts go to waste, while Tanu eagerly awaits the time when Baljeet herself will give Abhi alcohol, thus sparking a feud.

Back at the Kohli house, when Siddharth tries to talk to Rhea, she explains that she was just pretending to be nice to him in front of the family members. Furthermore, she suggests that they stay apart for a while to gain some clarity about their relationship.

Suspicious of Rhea’s actions, Daljeet tells Prachi that someone had deliberately added garlic in the offering prepared by her. When Daljeet points towards Rhea, Prachi dismisses her claim and expresses her trust in Rhea.

At Pragya’s house, Abhi wakes up from sleep and tries to find his bottle of alcohol. Pragya senses his intentions and distracts him from seeking alcohol. Meanwhile, a cunning Tanu hides some bottles of liquor in her cupboard and plans to give them to Abhi at the right time.

Concerned about Rhea’s behaviour, Siddharth suspects that she might love someone else and asks Ranbeer about it. However, Ranbeer evades answering his question and tells him to communicate with Rhea.

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