Later, Ranbeer returns home and lovingly adorns Prachi’s feet with anklets while Rhea looks on jealously.

When Rhea sees the couple getting cozy, she kicks a flowerpot and makes her presence known. Later, she walks towards her room in a fit of rage and holds a knife to her wrist.

Rhea recalls the times she had tried to kill herself and refuses to repeat her mistakes. She believes that Prachi is the one who deserves to die so that she can lead her life peacefully with Ranbeer. Abhi gets restless and begins to look for alcohol in the house. Worried for him, Pragya calls the doctor, who urges her to not let Abhi have any alcohol as it would be crucial for him to get over his addiction. He reminds her that he is going through withdrawal symptoms but the next day, it will be easier for him to avoid alcohol.

A frustrated Abhi lashes out at Pragya for hiding his bottles and accuses her of not wanting to see him happy while Baljeet witnesses everything. Pragya urges Abhi to try to distract himself and expresses how much she worries for him. However, Abhi scoffs at her claims and reminds her of the times she tried to push him away. He asks her to keep away from him and that he curses the almighty for letting him fall in love with her. Just then, Abhi spots Baljeet and complains to her about Pragya. Although his words prick Pragya, she resolves to not get upset with him.

Having witnessed everything, Tanu and Alia ask Pammi to do the job of adding fuel to an already raging fire by instigating Baljeet. They answer all of Mitali and Pammi’s questions about how it will help pitch Abhi against Pragya. Tanu further explains that they want to keep Pragya distracted with the daily fights at home so that they can execute their plan with ease.

While Pammi and Mitali head to Baljeet’s room, Shagun tells Pragya how Abhi’s family members are troubling her. Pammi and Mitali pretend to be worried for Abhi and show regret for moving into Pragya’s house. Pammi points out how Pragya is overlooking Abhi’s pain, which leaves Baljeet upset. Soon after, Pragya finds Abhi drinking and tries to snatch the bottle from him.

Pragya tries to snatch the bottle in Abhi’s hand. He insinuates that Pragya was with him until his good times lasted, but Pragya counters by stating that he is only seeing what the others want him to see. She demands to know who supplied him the alcohol, but Abhi doesn’t reveal that it was Aaliya.

Meanwhile, Aaliya witnesses everything and recalls how Tanu had asked her to hand over the bottle to Abhi to make him realise that they are on his side.

Pragya questions Tanu when she bumps into her in the kitchen, but Tanu denies everything. Pragya reiterates that drinking is not allowed in her house. Tanu half-jokingly asks Pragya if she is falling for Abhi, but she leaves without answering. However, it suddenly strikes Tanu that if Pragya is actually in love with Abhi, it will make it difficult for her to separate them.

Pragya finds herself tongue-tied when Abhi asks her if she loves him, but she manages to mumble a response, and Abhi asks her to not come in his way. The next day, Rhea wakes up to find a note left by Siddharth stating that he has left for Bengaluru and that the distance would help them gain some clarity. Rhea decides to use the note to her advantage and get some time to spend with Ranbeer.

At the breakfast table, Rhea puts on an act before the family members and states that Siddharth left for Bengaluru without her despite him being aware of the fact that she wanted to attend a friend’s wedding there. But much to Rhea’s dismay, Pallavi asks her to video call Siddharth. Rhea tackles the situation somehow and laments about the fact that she can’t travel alone.

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