Later, Prachi tries to console an upset Rhea. Rhea asks Prachi if Ranbir does this with her?  Prachi says Ranbir doesn’t care for small things, he is different and even we fight, but don’t drag it for long. She says we know that fight will not be permanent, but the relation will be permanent. She asks her not to let ego come between them and even we keep this in mind. She asks her to call Sid and asks if he is still angry, then scold him and asks him to end the fight. She asks her to tell that she loves him a lot and then his anger will go.

Rhea says okay, you go, I will call him. Prachi says I know you will handle and asks her to convince him and tell her. She hugs her and goes. Rhea thinks why don’t they understand that rather than calling Sid, I need to go to Bangalore with Ranbir, I don’t think why they are not sending Ranbir with me, I made excuse to go there. She says Sid will left Bangalore, by the time we reach there. She thinks then I will pretend to be unwell and then Ranbir has to be with him. She thinks why are they not planning to send him with me. She thinks they might tell that Ranbir should go with you and I will say, its fine. Soni comes there and says Pallavi maam is calling you.

Rhea goes to Pallavi. Pallavi says you will go to Bangalore. Rhea says I can’t travel alone and can’t ask anyone to come along with me. She says like you are busy and Daddy has just become fine, Prachi takes care of kitchen and Dida. She says I can’t ask Dida and thinks they should have told that Ranbir will go with you. Pallavi says Ranbir will go with you, you will not have any problem.

Rhea gets happy and says how can Ranbir come with me, he has to do office work as Sid is not here. Vikram says I will handle the office work. Rhea says Daddy but. He says you are calling me Uncle, with whom you used to complain about others, you used to trust me, and says when your Dad was not with you, I was with you. He says when I came to know about what Sid has done, he asks her to attend the marriage and enjoy.

Rhea says Prachi will feel bad, as she has to do house work alone. Pallavi says we are with her and says Ranbir will drop you to Sid’s hotel. Rhea says you shall ask Ranbir if he will drop me. Pallavi calls Ranbir.

Tanu scolds Shagun for not making tasty food. Mitali says you don’t know even to make tea. Pragya comes there. Mitali asks it is good that you came, why do you give money to them. Aaliya says you have made them sit on your head, and asks them to take everything from the table. Mitali says when there is no butter, oil in paratha and asks where did they go?

Tai ji says they must have taken all those things to their home. Tanu says don’t make food for me, someone else will make food for me. Tai ji asks Pragya not to feel bad, says your house is good, but your Servants are like Dhaba workers and asks her to have some good Servants.

Pragya says you both shall take off. Shagun and other Cook asks them not to fire them. Shagun says Sushma ji and Dadi liked the food. Other Cook says Dadi liked it, if she had not gone to temple then she would have said. Pragya says both of you should have a holiday.

Shagun and other cook ask her not to fire them. Pragya says how did you have the misunderstanding that I am firing you of your job. She says when nobody like the food made by you, then why to make food. She asks them to go and do other work of the house.

Tanu asks what is this way, I don’t like. Pragya says I don’t like your way and says you shouldn’t have treated Shagun and Aanchal this way. Aaliya asks what did we do? Pragya says you should be grateful for their work. Aaliya says you are insulting us. Pragya asks them to go and make food whatever they like. Tanu says we shall get the same respect as you. Pragya asks her to stay as guests and excuses herself. Mitali and Tai ji tell that Pragya is changed.

Abhi comes there. Tanu says Pragya has insulted Aaliya, Tai ji, Mitali and me and moved the plate from infront of me. Aaliya says she asked us to make food for ourselves and insulted us.

Pragya comes there and asks Shagun where is her car key? Abhi says I am hungry. Pragya asks him to have breakfast. He says I don’t know how to make breakfast, they are here because of me. He says they moved to chawl due to me and I was drinking and couldn’t help them. Pragya says you can do so much for yourself and your family. Abhi says they are not staying in chawl, I did. Pragya says this is my house and they are staying here because of me.

Abhi asks her to stop insulting them. Pragya asks him to ask them to stop insulting her people. Shagun comes and says key is not there. Abhi has the key and tells that he will do his job, he didn’t resign.

Tanu, Tai ji and Aaliya ask Mitali to make food. Mitali asks them to have tasty food kept on the table. Aaliya asks her to make. Mitali thinks her destiny is still the same.

Ranbir comes to the hall. Pallavi asks him to go with Rhea to Bangalore, as she can’t go alone, and you have to take her. She asks when is the marriage? Rhea says day after tomorrow. Pallavi asks him to take her tomorrow. Ranbir says he can’t go, he has so much work and has to handle the project too.

Vikram says I will do the work. Rhea says how you will manage? Vikram says I will manage and do the work. Dadi says I will go with Rhea. Rhea says how can you come with me, due to your health issues. She says wishes fulfill in mayka and not in sasural, says she will inform her friend that she can’t come. Ranbir says it’s good that you agreed.

Pallavi calls Prachi and tells that Ranbir is refusing to take Rhea to the hotel and asks her to convince Ranbir. Prachi says Ranbir will drop her, if he refused. Ranbir asks Pallavi why did she call Prachi. He asks Rhea to pack her bags. Rhea says once I reach there, I will scold Sid. She thanks Pallavi and Prachi. She says sorry Prachi, you have to handle all the work alone. Prachi asks her not to worry and send them photos.

Dadi is doubtful about Rhea and goes from there. Pallavi asks Rhea to pack her bags. Rhea goes to Vikram and says Daddy, thank you so much. Vikram says you said it with your heart, I will keep you happy always.

Ranbir calls Sid and asks why did you go to Bangalore? Sid thinks of Rhea’s words and says she knows it. Ranbir says you wrote a note to her and says I have to bring Rhea to Bangalore due to your reaction. Sid says why you are bringing her, she can come alone. Sid gets doubtful. Ranbir says she wants to come there for her friend’s wedding. He says she loves you a lot and says he will drop Rhea to airport and asks him to pick her.

Sid asks if Prachi agreed?  Ranbir says yes, Prachi wants her husband to go away from her. Sid says she is standing behind you. Ranbir says I want her to listen to me. Sid asks her not to fight with him. Prachi says we will talk later. She tries to cheer him up and asks if she kiss him, then will he talk to her?

Ranbeer pleads with Prachi to stop him from going to Bengaluru, while Prachi tries to convince him otherwise. A peeved tells her that she will regret losing him. When Prachi asks him if he will easily give his heart to someone else, Ranbeer reassures her and at the same time warns her that he is a one-woman man.

Rhea overhears everything and is certain that Ranbeer will fall in love with her on the trip. Meanwhile, Ranbeer insists that Prachi profess her love to him, that too in front of others, which deters Prachi. Ranbeer tells her that he won’t speak to her if she doesn’t do so.

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